Monday, November 24, 2014

Disney Fairies: The Legend of the Neverbeast Official Trailer

It's hard not to get fond of these funny adorable Disney fairies!
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        I didn't really like Tinkerbell before. Especially in Peter Pan. She's this jealous mischievous little fairy who would do anything to bring Wendy down just because she's jealous of all the attention that Peter Pan is giving Wendy. So when I saw that Disney created a computer animation centered on Tinkerbell, I didn't think I would like it. Then came our little bundle of joy, our little Rainbow.

        Richie likes getting videos for our little Rainbow to watch. Especially now that Rain is at a stage where she understands what she watches, and likes copying what they do (That's why we always let her watch shows only appropriate for  her age. Like Disney Junior & Sesame Street) And one time, Richie made her watch a Tinkerbell movie. After that. we were hooked. Yes. "we". Including me!

        This features Tinkerbell and shows how she became a fairy, and all her adventures in Pixie Hollow before she met Peter Pan. I loved it!!! And so did Rain! That being said, we completed the whole list!

        My favorites are the most recent ones starting from Pixie Hollow Games, Secret of the Wings (my super fave), and The Pirate Fairy. But actually all of it are really nice. There's just something about it,I guess it's the way they write the stories that make it captivating even for a grown child like me hehehe. It's really not made just for children. I found it to be interesting as well! And it's got some humor too! 

        They also have a couple of short series like the Pixie Hollow Bake Off which is like a spoof of the cooking competition shows of today. I only got to watch it on YouTube. It's so funny! :-)

Yes, Fawn! You're the star in this movie! ;-)
        And now, the Disney Fairies has created their latest Disney Fairies movie. The Legend of the NeverBeast! This time, they featuring the animal fairy, Fawn. If you're as addicted as me, you will also notice a big development in the quality of the animation. Oh, and I like Fawn's hair better here :-)

        The Legend of the NeverBeast will be released on December 12, 2014. And I can't wait! (Sorry I originally just intended to share the official trailer but ended up babbling more.) So, here's the official trailer! Enjoy!


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