Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Imaginations Running Free at Global Art Philippines!


        As a child, I have to admit I wasn't the model student. I wasn't rebel or anything but I never made it to any top positions.I hated math. I hated memorizing dates in history. And that was okay for me. But one thing I did know is that I loved art. Anything that required creativity, I was interested in. And I'd like to think I was pretty good at it. Not expert good but pretty good.  And it's something that I hope little Rainbow will take an interest as well while growing up.

global art

        Right now, Rain can only do scribbles. Hardly any shapes being formed yet when he scribbles on a paper. But with a little practice, I'm sure she will get the hang of it. And a fun art class like Global Art will really help as well! Global Art is this amazing world-class art enrichment program for children starting toddlers, all the way to teenagers.

        I went there a few days ago to check it out and you won't believe what these young children can do with art materials!

art works

        The painting of a dog and the painting of the little girl in the bottom right was done by children. Forgot exactly what age but doesn't change the fact that they're children who did these expert-looking paintings! Rain couldn't help but adore them! 

        Global Art was founded and started in Malaysia wherein children are taught to express themselves by creating their own works of art, and not by copying certain styles and images. Since then it has spread world wide namely Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, USA, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and of course, the Philippines. 

art works

        Look at these artworks on the walls. At first I thought they were just showcasing the works of their students, but it was a little more than that. These walls show the categories and the levels of art that children work on from beginners to advanced. When you take a closer look you will see that these are not just your basic coloring book sheets.

Yenny Saw

        Mrs. Yenny Saw, Global Art Philippines' Country manager, shows us samples work sheets with templates that their students work on per level. A pattern or image/images are printed in it, and then the children are asked to use those images and turn it into their own works of art. 


        For example, the sheet on the left is the template sheet, and the picture on the right is finished masterpiece that the child created out of the simple lines from the blank sheet. Clearly, children are really being taught to let their imaginations run wild! Look how the kid transformed a sun-looking shape template into a minion with wavy brown locks of hair?! It's really amazing! And I have to admit it looked so much fun that I wanted to ask for a template that I can do! Seriously!

Different Levels of Art

        There are different instructions per level. The Junior Level is where children ages 3-4 years old learn about basic colors and shapes through story telling, coloring, and handicrafts.

art works

        The Foundation Level is for kids 4-6. Dotted lines rule this level. Because it helps guide kids with short attention span and helps them with their motor skills (Cool! Makes sense!) They are also asked to draw more objects in the template and of course color them. How amazing that a kid can think about transforming a simple circle shape into a whole shark? (3rd row). Or a basket with oval shapes template into a basket of bread or fruits? (First row).

art works

        Next is the Basic Level. For kids 7-9 years old. The children are given a theme (for example, a chicken) and then he is required to draw a whole picture with a chicken in mind. They do not need to copy the picture of the chicken in the worksheet. They are required to make up a story, and make it into one drawing. Like in one of the student's work in the photo above for instance (4th row). The child created a half-chicken, half alien and a chicken astronaut walking on the moon. Now that's a pretty wild imagination! Again... Mind. Blown.

art work

        On the Intermediate level, for kids 10-13 years old, kids can practice enriching skills in drawing, sketching, poster-making, cartoon and comic making by using dry and wet art materials.

art works

Here are some of the student's best works of the month!

art class

        I was able to take a sneak peak at an ongoing class. They're all so well-behaved and so focused.

art class

        In the other classroom, the children were all busy with their works with no teacher around. Although the door was open but still!

global art craypass

All students only use Global Art materials. They are non-toxic so they are safe for kids.


        Can't believe this little girl is making this from scratch!  I think it's also amazing on how these children come up with art works that convey life messages like this little girl right here who's drawing something that says love mother nature, save the trees.



More busy bees!

pot painting

Global Art also does crafts in pot and plates painting

molding art

And molding!

        To know more about this program, you may like them on Facebook: Global Art Philippines, visit their official website at GlobalArt.com.ph, or head on to their main office at the address below.. Don't forget to inquire about their FREE TRIAL!:

Global Art Philippines
Unit 101, Sekai Center,
368 Ortigas Ave. Corner Madison Street
Greenhills, San Juan
Contact number: (02) 726-0435


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