Tuesday, November 4, 2014

PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya Mini Internet Cafe Business!

Piso Internet
EVP, Head of PLDT HOME Business Ariel Fermin and Dept. of Education Asst. Sec. Toni Umali

        It’s been weeks but I’m still in awe of the biggest teacher gathering of the year, the PLDT Gabay Guro Grand Gathering. Yep, it was pretty much a huge star-studded concert, where over 20,000 teachers from all over the country gathered and enjoyed an evening of entertainment from the best performers in the country, and where lots of amazing I-can’t-believe-it prizes were given away to lots of lucky winners!

        One of the best prizes given out was not just the motorcycle, tricycle, car, and the house and lot, but if you ask me, the PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya was one with great potential. Why? Because it’s a business opportunity.

piso internet business

        The Cyberya is an all-in-one internet cafe package which allows customers to surf the internet for as low as P1!  Originally, these Cyberya units only cost an initial capital of only P7,300. But during the Gabay Guro event, PLDT announced that they will be giving out complete Cyberya unit packages to 10 public schools! Public schools who are in dire need of access to a broadband connection for their studying. 

piso internet business
Dept. of Education Asst. Sec. Toni Umali, PLDT KaAsenso Product Manager Jon De Quiroz,
EVP, Head of PLDT HOME Business
        Think of it as a pay phone where in you put in coins to make calls, but in the form of a computer that surfs the internet in fast speeds.

piso internet business

        If you ask me, this is a great option for a business because in today’s world, everyone uses the internet be it researching, for social networking, for communicating, or for gaming. But not everyone has internet at home, and definitely not everyone can have access to internet with just one peso. But with Cyberya, a peso can let you surf a lot of things already. Plus, one Cyberya unit includes the complete package already. You have your computer set, and broadband. All rolled into one!

piso internet business

        Another reason is because the capital is only P7,300. You don’t really need to build a shop or rent a commercial space. All you’ll need is space for these units, like your garage maybe? Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that the amortization for the unit is flexible. The subscriber pays only P500 for the first 3 months. This will give the subscriber time to familiarize themselves with the business. 

        The Cyberya has 2 types of units. The Surfing unit, and the gaming unit. Both of which are available in full or installment payment schemes. You can be sure that these units are in excellent shape, and to give you more assurance, all units have an extended warranty of 24 months, dependent on the parts, and of course they have after-sales support as well. 

        Also, you will only need 2 requirements. First is of course the capital of P7,300, and then a barangay permit to operate. That’s it! Talk about hassle-free!

       Another reason why this is a great idea for a business is because, unlike the food business, nothing will get spoiled.

piso internet business
Teachers signing up for PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya during the PLDT Event

piso internet business

        I’m sure you’re as curious as I am. This could be the easy simple business that you’ve been hoping for! So for more details, you may visit pldthome.com/cyberya.

PLDT executives
Dept. of Education Asst. Sec. Toni Umali, PLDT KaAsenso Product Manager Jon De Quiroz,
EVP, Head of PLDT HOME Business

Kudos to PLDT for creating opportunities for people to have a business they can call their own!

To be updated with the PLDT KaAsenso, visit pldthome.com/cyberya.

Photos credits from PLDT


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