Friday, November 14, 2014

The Wonders of Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay!

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        One fine Monday, my little family and I (no pun intended), went on a fun road trip to the South, up in the cool mountains of Tagaytay. One of the coolest place in the Philippines. It's been a while since we last went, but this was the first time we would get to see the simple beauty of Hotel Kimberley. One of the most kid-friendly hotels I've ever stayed on.

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        Kimberley Hotel is located at  Tagaytay City in Cavite. It's situated at the inner side of Tagaytay, opposite the view of the famous Taal volcano. When I found out there wasn't going to be a view, I must admit I felt a bit disappointed, but then all the disappointment flew out the window once we were able to settle in and see the fun things that Hotel Kimberley has to offer. 

hotel kimberly tagaytay

The high ceiling lobby with huge comfortable couches for lounging


Friendly and accommodating concierge

pirate hat

        Since it was the month of Halloween, they put a box filled with different fun accessories for the kids to play with. Like Pirate hats funny wigs and shades, and more! Rain being a little girl who loves playing dress up, really really enjoyed this! This kept her busy every time we were by the lobby.

cafe at K

From the lobby you will also see their restaurant, Cafe at K which serves comforting Filipino food 

cafe at K

Inside Cafe at K. As you can see the place is pretty simple but decent.

cafe at k

Here's our hearty lunch

cafe at k

Delicious and healthy dinner

cafe at k

And breakfast buffet. They have bacon so that's good!

crispy squid

        While their bacon was okay, for me the star of the breakfast feast was this sweet and spicy squid! Crunchy sweet and salty goodness that's excellent with garlic rice and egg! Which leads me to another one of my favorites...

omelette station

Their omelette station! I had them make me a cheese and mushroom omelette

cheesy omelette

And boy did the chef put a looot of yummy cheese! It's one of the best omelettes I've ever had!

Game Room / Gym

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        Hotel Kimberly has a huge game room. Although the toys are not that many (a small little tykes slide set and a little tykes car), there's a wide carpet mat with lots of room where little kids car run around or crawl on. On the corner of the room they also have a fuse table. And looks like this doubles as a gym because there was also some exercising equipment on the side. So kids need to be under adult supervision to make sure they don't play with the treadmills and stuff.

game room

The Rooms

hotel kimberly tagaytay

This was our Superior room with a queen sized bed, then an extra single bed for Yaya Joy

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        Even with the extra bed, Rain had space to play. Especially since later on we moved the extra bed against the balcony door.

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Desk, flat screen TV, personal ref. Yep! All basics are here!


The balcony

personal ref

Personal ref, complimentary coffee, and a water heater for coffee.


        And surprise!!! The bathroom is surprisingly spacious too! The bathroom is simple yet clean and again, spacious.


        It has a bathtub too! Rain had fun sliding her PinyPons through the arm rests of the bathtub. In all fairness, the PinyPons looked like they were having an awesome time!

hotel toilettries

I love the fact that they have bubble bath!

The Pools


Let's head back outside the hotel. Hotel Kimberly has 2 pools. For kids and adults. 

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Richie lounging by the pool, enjoying the cool weather!

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Love these booths with sheer curtains beside the pool!

        Although the pools looked inviting, the temperature was quite cold. Actually, this goes the same for other Tagaytay resorts we've been to. Of course this will always be the case with Tagaytay weather. Needless to say, I had to distract Rain from swimming hehe. But this was an easy task with Kimberley Hotel because of the other fun things kids can do there.

Great Attractions for Kids!

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        Hotel Kimberley has a small organic farm, a super fun playground, and not listed above is the Animal Farm. More on that later!


hotel kimberly tagaytay

        The playground is situated on a beautiful open field. I really love the openness of this place. It's such a relaxing change from the city atmosphere.

bird house

Pretty bird houses!


        This is the super cool play ground. 3 different slides including a spiral one, with lots of places to climb! I love that it's made of hard plastic, making it safe for little kids like Rain. No fear of metals sticking out. All the kids really super enjoyed it here!

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        Walk a little bit past the playground and you will see a gateway to an even wider field. Makes me want to run and twirl and sing The Sound of Music.

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        Actually this was the area where we held some of the fun activities during our super fun and Oreo-filled Oreo Halloween Party

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Rain's certainly excited to go and see what's in store for her there!

The Farm

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Turns out, it was the farm!

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Lists of animals. Not sure if they really were for sale. Forgot to ask. (Toink)

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Rainbow and her Yaya Joy having fun watching the bunnies inside the cages

for sale sign

feeding the bunnies

After a while we went inside the cage to feed the bunnies


A flock of ducks everywhere!


There's even an owl! 

feeding sheep

        Rain even got to feed the sheep! The sheep are also set free most of the time to roam around the field. 

        Recently, Kris  of OC Mom in Manila updated us that there's a new addition to these farm friends....

A photo posted by kris de guzman (@ocmominmanila) on

A PONY! :-) 

Wish they would get one more so this one won't feel alone hehehe

Weddings at Hotel Kimberly

hotel kimberly tagaytay

        I was happy to see that there was also a wedding reception during that time that we were there. I love weddings (what woman doesn't, right?) So I was excited to see how their Joya Pavillion looked like when it was all dressed up.

hotel kimberly tagaytay

Entrance of Joya Pavillion from the side. I love the country feel to it.

tagaytay wedding

        And behold! The inside! If I wanted to do a destination wedding that's intimate, I would consider holding it here. The size is just right, it's square-shaped, making it easy to decorate. Plus everyone gets a good view of the couple, no matter where they are seated. The picture windows gives you an outdoor feel even when you're comfortably seated inside in air conditioning! (No mosquitoes!)

tagaytay sunset

        Again, although the location of Hotel Kimberly has no view of the Taal Volcano, you won't mind at all. And it's really a good place for parents to relax knowing their kids will be busy with so many things here. Thank you again to the wonderful accommodating staff of Hotel Kimberly for our wonderful stay!

        For more inquiries, check out their official website:
And follow them on Facebook: Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay


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