Sunday, January 11, 2015

Imagining with Ready Steady Go Kids Philippines

tennis for kids

        Hi everyone! Not sure if you noticed through my social posts but Rain is signed up for this term's classes on Ready Steady Go Kids Philippines. I have been introduced to this fun learning experience in September of last year and I was really sold on the idea that children as young as Rain can join a class where she can play with other kids while being introduced to basic sports. During her trial class, she was introduced to golf. For this quarter, she was introduced to tennis and hockey!

        But what really amazed me more is watching Rain improve every week! Not in the sports of course. But in following instructions as well as her focus. And I also have to say I'm happy to see that they also have new activities that Rain really really enjoyed because it involved great imagination!


        During her Day 1 of the semester, she would join in with the warm up activities but would sometimes run off to a different part of the gym when something catches her attention. In the photo above, Coach Sonny tells the kids to march like a soldier. She follows them up and down the gym, but she decides to pretend she's ridding a horse instead. Hahaha! That's why her hands in the photos are positioned in front like she's holding the horse's rein! Giddyup! 

hockey puck

        ...and then once in a while she would go over to the hockey pucks and roll them around even if its not yet time to play with it hehe.

street hockey

        But when it was time to try hitting the pucks, she would stay and follow for a few seconds before I have to chase her down the court again. Haha! Toddlers!


        After the sports part, usually they make the kids run though a fun obstacle course where they skip, and hop on stuff. But I was happy too see that from time to time they add a different activity as well. And in this Sleeping Cat game, Coach Meriel played as the sleeping cat. The objective of the game is for the kids tiptoe closer to the sleeping cat, being careful not to wake her, and then to each get a small bean pillow each and bring it back to the starting point before the cat catches them. The smile on Rain's face was priceless! Truly, imagination really tickles the minds of kids!

basketball gym

        In fact, Rain enjoyed it so much that after the class was over, she pretended to be the sleeping cat :-) The game really stuck with her :-)

warm up

        For her 3rd class I think... I already saw some improvements with her following instructions and her focus. During the march warm up exercise, she actually marched. (Apologies for the blurred photo)

crab walk

        And when it was time to walk sideways like a crab, she did just that! I wanted to cry a little. Just a little. Hehehe.

street hockey

        And when it was time for hockey again (they teach the same sport for 2 days straight so the kids will remember), she would hit the hockey puck, run away quickly (sort of like she's happy and celebrating) but immediately circles back into position to hit the next puck. So yes she would still run away but it was more like a celebratory sprint before coming back right away hehe.

tennis balls

        Then the coaches again introduced a new fun imaginative game. This time with a bucket of tennis balls. The kids would stay on one side of the court, and then coaches would keep rolling the balls towards the kids, and they have to avoid the balls like they were icky crawling spiders. I'm sorry to say that I sort of cheated whenever I would carry Rain up so the balls---err--- spiders wouldn't touch her hahaha! I guess I let me imagination run wild with me too hahaha!

clean up

        After all the balls were scattered, the coaches made another clever game also known as clean up time. Rain really had a blast looking for balls and carrying as much as she can and place them back to the bucket. 

Coach Meriel
Coach Meriel with Rain and her new RSGK shirt hehe

Oh... and I was already able to get Rain's very own RSGK shirt :-)  Hahaha I just had to mention that!

        We had to miss some sessions due to some urgent matters but Rain and I can't wait to go back this week to attend another fun class! :-)

For more details on this Australian multi-sport exercise program for preschoolers, schedules, and rates, go to their official website You may also get updates from their Facebook page here


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