Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keep An Eye at Home with PLDT HOME FAM CAM!

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

        Even without full-time work, (well, besides being a mom which is actually full-time work), I still have lots of places to be on a certain number of days in a week. And I am not able to always bring my little one with me on some trips. And so I'm sure you can all feel me when I say how convenient life would be if we all somehow had an eye left at home to watch over our kids or our family should we need to leave them for a bit.

        I actually already have a gadget that works like a CCTV camera which you can access from your smartphone. Although the price is quite reasonable compared to other complicated CCTVs, It will still cost as much as a new cellphone.

        The thing is, there is now an easier way to get this type of service. No need to buy expensive and complicated CCTV cameras. All you need to do is get a PLDT HOME FAM CAM!

        PLDT once again comes up with a way to connect us with our families even if we're far away. And that's the FAM CAM. FAM CAM is not just voice or chat based. It's video-based. Real images, in real time. This means I can virtually be home with my husband and our little one even if I'm still towns away from home for an event or something. No need to hopelessly wonder how Rain is when I can just grab my phone and watch her through the FAM CAM!

Watch as I unbox the BASIC FAM CAM!

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

FAM CAM uses a D-Link Wireless N Network Camera unit which is already part of the package when you avail of the FAM CAM service.


Simple instructions on how to use it with your tablet or smartphone!

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

Inside the box: The camera, an Ethernet cable, an installer CD, the power cord, and an adapter with some screws should you choose to install it by a wall or by the corner of the ceiling.

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

The BASIC FAM CAM in all its glory! It can see everything!

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

At the back, you'll see the ports where you can connect the cables. It's pretty easy. Just match the shapes! Haha!

Here are the features of the BASIC FAM CAM:

  • Home monitoring system
  • Built-in Mic & Automatic light adjustment
  • Motion & sound detection
  • Connects via WiFi
  • Watch over a mobile app
  • Available for HOME DSL Plan 1299 & up

...and available soon, the ADVANCED FAM CAM with these great added features:

  • Built-in Mic & Speaker for 2-way so you can talk and listen through the camera
  • Move the camera view from left to right, or Tilt and even Zoom!
  • Has a Built in SD card slot so you have the option to record while you're busy!

        What makes the FAM CAM more awesome is that its family-sized connection is powered by PLDT HOME DSL. Installing is quick and easy. And all you need to add is P99 per month on top of your PLDT HOME DSL Plan 1299 and up!

        And then as a perfect partner for the FAM CAM, PLDT (as you may already know) has a their own tablet called the PLDT HOME Telpad which again connects you to your family in another level. Because you can do so much with a tablet nowadays, PLDT gives you the option to switch to a Telpad which is an Android tablet that can make clear video calls with your loved ones or send instant chats (they even have their own chat app called heyÜ ) and the million other things you can do with a tablet. So anyway, you could bet that the FAM CAM works really really well and works best with the Telpad. Get a Telpad Plan for as low as P1699, get a landline plus a DSL speed boost and a FREE Quadcore tablet.

        All of this, connected together by PLDT HOME DSL internet, and you'll have an awesome communicating system, and you'll always have a way to watch over your loved ones at home. You will finally solve the mystery of the missing snack in your refrigerator every night or something. As shown in this funny FAM CAM commercial hahaha!

Now you can always be #HOMEwithFAMCAM!

        For more information, visit http://pldthome.com/famcam. For the available PLDT HOME plans and services, learn more at pldthome.com/dsl and pldthome.com/telpad.


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