Thursday, January 8, 2015

Random Thoughts on Family Planning and Conceiving

        A few weeks ago, I was bothered by this news about a little girl, probably as old as Rain, that was deliberately left by the parent in a shop inside the mall. Security saw this little girl and brought her to the security office, where they paged the parent, but failed. No one ever came to claim her :-(

        The news spread like wild fire over Facebook, thanks to one of the people that was present at the security office at that time who decided to spread the word. Thankfully, the little girl is now in the custody of her grandmother so that's really good news. But still, this news saddens me because this child, like any other child, didn't deserve to be left alone. There are a lot of couples who would do anything to have a child. And this parent just decided to literally leave her in a random place, like an unwanted pet.  Very bad.

        Anyway....Some couples, like me and my husband, took 3 years after marriage to finally conceive. Others take even longer. But I believe that if you want something really bad and your heart is in the right place, you will be blessed to have a baby.  There are many ways you can have a baby. In our case, our doctor's game plan was to hit first any infection... you know... down there. Inside. (Yes it's possible to have some sort of infection inside without knowing). So we loaded up on his prescribed vitamins and antibiotics, and Richie had another prostate check up which I will maybe discus in another post after I check with him if it's alright to share ;-) But anyway, thankfully we didn'thave to go through the expensive treatments like IFVs, artificial insemination, etc. because after 3 months, we conceived :')

        So to other couples out there who are TTC (Trying-To-Conceive. A term I learned from PregnancyTips.Org haha!), never lose hope! First and foremost, us women need to pay attention to our fertility, even if you're not trying to conceive. The more you learn about your body's cycle, the more you will understand , and the greater chances you will have in conceiving.

        But if treatments don't work, there's always adoption. There are a lot of innocent little children out there who were born into this world and they also need to be loved and taken cared of. They also need a chance to live life happily under the arms of loving parents. Anyway these are just random thoughts on the topic of family planning, and parenthood.

Wishing everyone an amazing 2015 ahead!


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