Saturday, February 14, 2015

Awesome Sunday Brunch at Raffles Makati!

        Lego is such a classic toy / hobby for people of all age. Lego has been around ever since I could remember. I remember my cousin Aouie loved collecting them and wouldn't let us play with it for fear that we might break it or lose the parts. I totally don't take that against her. I would have done the same. I guess this makes us the same as "the man upstairs". (You'll get what I mean if you've seen The Lego Movie;-)

Lego Raffles Makati

        Lego is not just a toy for kids or a hobby for master builders. But it's a great bonding activity for the whole family! This, paired with a delicious Sunday buffet brunch? That's definitely an ideal and fun way to spend a relaxing Sunday. And there is such a thing in the heart of Makati! It's Spectrum's Awesome Sunday Brunch! When we found out about this, we were eager to take Rain because she has also grown to love playing with Lego. Especially after she saw The Lego Movie for like 74 times.  (This means we also had to watch it 74 times).

Emmet Lego Movie

        I wish I was able to take a photo of Rain's delighted expression as soon as she saw Emmet Brickowski welcoming her into Spectrum!

lego burger

Lego Burgers, anyone?

lego dessert

Lego desserts?

lego dessert

        More Lego desserts? Don't worry they serve real delicious food. These are just the delicious-looking display by the entrance of Spectrum.

Lego Hotel

        Right beside Emmet is the Lego replica of Raffles Hotel! Lego master builders build this for around 20 days, or so I heard. Now THAT'S awesome! 


We all started by chowing down on the delicious food that Spectrum has to offer. 

meat station

Meat station

pasta station

Pasta station

dim sum station

Dim sum station

Pâté station

Pâté and crackers station

seafood station

Fresh seafood, anyone?

sushi corner

Here's the beautiful sushi corner which I attacked right away!

lechon, paella

And for a Filipino touch, lechon and paella!

lego dessert

Cold cuts

lego dessert

Say Cheese!

lego dessert

Spectrum's bakers really had fun making Lego-themed desserts! It made us all feel like kids again!

lego dessert

lego dessert

lego dessert

lego dessert

lego dessert

lego dessert

They didn't only look fantastic but they were really good too! Especially the chocolates!

lego room

        After dessert and after resting for a bit, the kids were given stubs for the Lego play room at the 2nd floor. It's a room with 2 sets of Lego play tables and lots and lots of Lego bricks.


And beside it is a whole table of Lego collections starting from Duplo (Lego for toddlers)...

lego room

 all the way up to the normal collector Legos. These are all for sale for a discounted price!

lego room

Here I am helping Rain make her Lego farm

lego room

Ooops! Getting distracted with The Lego Movie that was playing hehe

lego room

        Tadaaaa! After your little one is finished making her Lego creation, the Lego staff will snap a photo to make this moment everlasting! And after they take your photo, they will give a cool Lego gift pack for your little ones! This makes the Sunday Brunch rate per head rate worth it!

        Rain definitely had fun playing Lego with other kids. I actually had to pry her away from the room because we needed to leave. (Sorry sweetie!)

        The Awesome Sunday Brunch happens every Sunday for the months of February and March 2015. Adult rate is P2,777++, and children between 6-12 get 50% Off! Thank you Raffles for this truly AWESOME SUNDAY BRUNCH!!! 

        For more information, like Raffles Makati and Fairmont Makati on Facebook! And for nicer photos and more details on the food, please go to my husband's post here. :-)

        Raffles Hotel Makati / Fairmont Hotel is located at 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City


  1. Super aliw!!!!!! May LEGO stuff pa ba hanggang ngayon? Wah, it looks so awesome. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

    At Brickowski pala apelyido ni Emmett? TRIVIA for me!!! =P Thanks for that! I'll tell my son about that -- he's gonna love it!

    1. Hi Toni! It's every Sunday until the month of March! You can go tomorrow!!!:-) I'm sure your little one will love it! (Plus the Legos being sold there are a bit cheaper!;) enjoy!!!:-)

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