Monday, February 2, 2015

Made My First Cupcake with Melaware's Disney Baking Gift Set!

melaware disney baking gift set

        I'm happy to share the most exciting thing to ever happen in my non-existing baking career! It's this moment that I've made cupcakes using a ready-mix batter from a supermarket. Even more so, it was really exciting for me that I was able to watch the batter rise inside the convection oven, and seeing my little Rainbow devour it. And I think my new Disney baking stuff had a lot to do with it.

Mickey cake mold

Obviously, it already caught Rain's attention. She knows a hidden Mickey when she sees one. 

Melaware Baking Gift set

        Here's the Disney Baking Gift set I got. They're part of the Melawares Kids’ line. They have this silicone chocolate mold which I used as a cupcake mold. And I also got these plastic cookie cutters in the shape of Mickey's head and his pants. The other stuff in the Disney Baking Gift set incude some small and large silicone cake pan, small and large non-stick cake pan, silicone pancake mold, plastic mold, metal cookie cutters, and even cake pop molds.

disney cake mold

A close up look at the chocolate mold.

cake stand

Plus I also really like this Cake stand by Melaware that when turned upside down... 

fruit platter

...becomes a platter with a sauce container at the middle. 

cake mix

        Okay so here I go! Mixing the ready-made cake batter into a bowl. I don't have a baking bowl so I used the biggest bowl I could find in the kitchen which is actually a pot. Improvise! ;-)

disney cake

        I remembered watching a baking video on YouTube and I remembered how she brushed the mold / pan with butter or cooking oil spray so the cake won't stick. So I did exactly that.

disney cake

Then in goes the mixture! I may have poured more that I should have.

baking with convection oven

        In they go inside our convection oven. My error in this first batch was that the tray/grill thing was placed too high. So my first batch was burnt. But when Rain saw this first burnt batch, she suddenly exclaimed "Momma, they're beautiful!!!" :' ) Maybe she thought I was making chocolate cake but still! That really warmed my heart :') 

baking convection oven

        So on my second attempt I placed the tray thing on the bottom level. For the convection heat setting, I think it was about 250 degrees on bake/roast mode. It was really exciting for me to watch the batter rise! (And overflow a bit in my case)

disney baking pan

Okay so some was still burnt but this was the last of my batter so I just rolled with it.

mickey cake

        Since I put too much batter in the first place, it was too hard to see the shape of the cakes. So I cut the top off and TADAAA! Mickey-shaped cakes! 

baby eating

        I'm so glad I used that ready-made cake mix because at least the taste was good! And Rain seems to really like it that she would not stop eating them.

mickey cake

        For my next baking project, I'm going to turn it up a notch by using a different mix flavor and maybe adding some sliced strawberries ;-) Or maybe I'll make cookies so I can try the cookie cutters too! Thanks again Melaware for these awesome gift set! You made me enjoy baking!

Melaware's Disney Baking Gift Set is available at select SM Homeworld stores in Metro Manila. For more information, visit or contact 0917-527-5487


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  2. i loveeee baking :)
    soo cute RAIN <3

    1. Good morning Rosemarie!:-) I'm starting to enjoy it too! But the shortcut way lang Hahahah! Di ata kaya ng powers ko to bake from scratch hahaha! Maybe someday ;-)

  3. Would you know Mommy Rina if meron na din dito available sa SM Davao?


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