Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Eye Shadow 101 With Miss CraveTheWorld Using Etude House's Fantastic Color Eyes!

        I am the first one to admit that I don't really know anything about make up. Just the basics. My daily routine is just a CC cream and lip gloss and a little bit of lipstick and I'm good to go. It almost makes me feel ashamed when I recently I found out that my niece-in-law Crave The World knows a lot more than me! And she actually has a knack for make up! So what would one do if she wants to feature a make-up but is not sure of what she's doing? Ask someone to show her how to put it on! ;-)

        And for this blog post, I will briefly show you how Cara applied this pretty Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow (Bohemian Soul)!

Etude House Philippines has this pretty themed eye shadow with its colors based on some relaxing Bohemian colors.

Folk Song, Apricot Jam, Ethnic Coral, Gypsy Queen, Wanderlust, and Freedom.

        This is my sweet niece Cara. My model. And at the same time the Make Up Artist. Haha! Yes I agree that she looks already super radiant without anything on. This-is-how-she-woke-up kind of thing. 

eye shadow

        Cara used the colors Gypsy Queen, Wanderlust and Freedom. She said she likes gradient eye shadow combinations so that you really see the move from light to dark. So she put Gypsy Queen on the inner part of her eyelid closest to the nose, she says she's always found that using the lightest color in that spot immediately brightens the eyes.

eye shadow

        Cara says she put Wanderlust across the middle of her lid because a somewhat medium color between the lightest and darkest colors give some additional depth to the eyes. She also says Freedom worked for her in the outer edge of her lid to round out the eyeshadow blend and frame the whole eye. 

eye shadow

        Final look! I love that she did not overdo it with the glitters. It has that strong impact, it made her eyes more alive, but at the same time it's also not very strong. 

        Thanks so much Cara for giving me a quick eyeshadow 101! :-) I'm really glad I asked you!!! :-) You were perfect for this post! Read her mouth-watering lifestyle blog at

halloween eyeshadow

Oh, and as a lover of shades of purple, me likey this other color theme: Bloody Halloween!

halloween eyeshadow

I love the plum shades! Perfect if you want to go for a Morticia Addams look.

        For more make up goodies, follow Etude Philippines on Facebook! And check out their official website.


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