Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rain's Final Ready Steady Go Kids Class

ready steady go kids, coaches
        Okay... so this was it. The last two classes of Ran's Ready Steady Go Kids term. And I don't know maybe it was just because she missed them from the Christmas break, but it also seemed like Rain sort of knew somehow that she was going to miss her coaches Coach Sonny and Coach Meriel. So she went to Coach Meriel for a big hug and didn't want to let go for a while :-) 

2nd to the Last Day

crab walk, warm up exercise

        The class starts with their routine of greeting song and some quick warm-up exercises. Walk sideways like a crab, march, hop like a kangaroo, etc.

baseball bat

        And then they're introduced to how to hit a ball with a bat! She didn't quite get it yet as she insisted on hitting the pole, not the ball. But it's alright because she got the same result---making the ball fly (or bounce down the ground, that is.) After they would hit all their 5 balls, they're asked to pick up 5 balls, put it in their baskets and try again. 

hoola hoop

       During this class, we were also introduced to some new assistant coaches! One of whom helped Rain during the next activity. Rolling a hoola-hoop and chasing after it. (Thanks Coach Pat!)

hoola hoop

Obviously, Rain had fun with this activity. She likes anything that involves chasing hehe.

Last Day: Graduation :')

coach sonny, ready steady go kids

        During the last day, Rain had the same emotions. She was suddenly shy to go inside the gym but when Coach Sonny came to greet her, she hugged Coach and didn't leave him until she warmed up to the venue again and started exploring. I noticed the mini stage they set up on the side and some parents were taking photos of their child there. So I also took this one of Rain while she was with Coach Sonny.

gym class

        Seemed like only yesterday when Rain first sat with the coaches and with other kids in a circle to sing their welcome song. And now for the last time she sat and happily clapped along with the greeting song.

run like the wind

        Next was their warm-up exercise. March, walk sideways like a crab, hop like a bunny, etc. Look at that smile on her face!

hit the ball

And then they started again with the bat and ball. I was glad to see Rain improve a bit from her last class. During the last class she would often hit the stand to make the ball fall. 


        And then for the last time this term, they ran though a short obstacle course. But this time, halfway though the obstacle was the giving of the certificate. So after some skipping and balancing though some obstacles, Rain steps on the stage, joined by me, and receives her certificate :')

achievement award

        Rain's Achievement Award! :') My golly before I know it she will be receiving her college diploma. I hope I could freeze the moment :')

obstacle course

Anyway, she then proceeds back to continue the rest of the obstacle. And that was it!

school star

Rain receives her stamp from Coach Meriel. She got a balloon on one hand and a heart on the other.

stamp in tummy, tummy tattoo

        And to my surprise, she also asked Coach Meriel to give her a happy face, a heart, and a flower on her tummy hahaha!


        We're so proud of our little one for finishing her Ready Steady Go Kids multi-sports term! I actually just enrolled her in a kinder school. Sigh....Time, please don't go by so fast!

hug coachcoach hug

        A very huge THANK YOU for Coaches Meriel and Sonny for introducing Rain to basic sports and at the same time playing and having fun with Rain though RSGK's program. You have really made an impact on Rain's life! And of course to Creative Juice (especially Janice and Monica for letting RinasRainbow.Net be a part of this amazing experience! It's really an amazing school-readiness program for our little Rainbow!

toddler hug
Rain with Coach Sonny :-)

        For more details on this Australian multi-sport exercise program for preschoolers, schedules, and rates, go to their official website You may also get updates from their Facebook page here


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