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Ballet Manila Summer Workshop by Lisa Macuja- Elizalde

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        My daughter is 3 years old. She has never had any ballet lessons that's why there was this one time when a friend of ours out of nowhere told Rain "Can you dance the ballet, Rain?". I thought Rain wouldn't react, but she surprised me by raising her arms over her head, and then twirling! I know I showed her this twirl maybe months back and I didn't think she was paying attention at that time. That's why I was so surprised that she actually retained it in her mind! This makes me think she might enjoy learning ballet!

        It's every little girly girl's dream to dance the ballet. The cute tutus, the classy pointy toes, and most of all, the graceful body movement. I didn't get to study ballet. But even before I got pregnant, I knew that when the time comes that I would have a daughter, I want her to study ballet so she can acquire that graceful movement, even when she's not dancing. 

Lisa Macuja workshop

        And this summer, looks like it's about to come true! I'm excited to sign her up for a trial classical ballet class conducted by non-other than the famous Lisa Macuja- Elizalde

        Lisa became a lot of firsts in the world of classical ballet. She was a scholar at the Vaganova Choreographic Institute also known as the Academy of Russian Ballet at Saint Petersburg, Russia. And the first foreigner to join Russia's Kirov Ballet. 

        Lisa was also the first artist-in-residence of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In 1995, Ballet Manila was born, which is Lisa's very own company.

Lisa Macuja workshop

After 30 beautiful years, Lisa happily retired, but that doesn't mean her passion for ballet has stopped. That's why she is now the Directress of the School of Ballet Manila, helping mentor even more future ballerinas in the country. It's pretty awesome that Lisa's school is the only Philippine ballet school that is directly assosciated with the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Of course!)  

        Wow! I'm no ballerina, so I don't know the technical stuff of ballet but in reading this, I can really tell that students will be in very good professional hands.

        Ballet Manila offers beautiful programs for your little dancers. That, and a few more fun activities to complete this fun-filled summer!

        Like in baby ballet class, kids can learn about ballet techniques. At the same time, the students can also learn to play musical instruments and create props using fabrics. 

        The Intermediate class's intensive dance exercises is combined with street dancing, yoga and pilates. 

Other activities include:

Lectures on how to prevent injury when dancing ballet.

Film screening with films related to ballet

Interactive workshops with theater artists.

Here's Ballet Manila’s summer intensive program classes:

Lisa Macuja workshop

Maria Ballerina Class
  • For students from 3-5 years old. 
  • They will learn proper ballet techniques, develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm and musicality. 
  • Work with fabrics, props and musical instruments for a more enhanced learning experience.  

Fairy Tale Ballet Class with Tap and Tumble
  • for students ages 6-8. 
  • Combined with magical fairy tale dances and stories, students learn to appreciate self-control, joy in movement, body awareness, rhythm, musicality along with the structure of classical ballet. 
  • Includes classes in Tap Dance, Tumbling and Gymnastics for musicality and rhythm development.

  • for young dancers ages 7-12 with no or limited ballet experience or training. 
  • The springboard course for classical ballet, aside from basic movements, concepts of rhythm, space, direction and music patterns are reinforced.

  • for students ages 12-14 
  • open to boys and girls with previous ballet training. 
  • Include advanced barre work, intensive exercises and combinations, partnering and classical variations. 
  • Street dance, yoga, pilates plus enrichment workshops to boost their dance appreciation.  

Advanced (pre-professional level)
  • for ages 14 years old and above with several years of ballet training. 
  • covers repertoire and variation learning which encourage students to become more expressive. 
  • Includes additional classes in modern and contemporary dances like street dance, yoga and pilates, secondary classes in ballet technique and partnering and enrichment workshops.

Lisa Macuja workshop

Adult Classes
  • For minimal or zero dance background. (We're never to old to learn ballet!)

        Ballet Manila's summer workshop will run from April 6 - May 31. Enrollments are ongoing until April 19. At the end of the workshop, all participants will be part of the summer recital on May 31 at the Aliw Theater. This is where all students get the chance to share the stage with the senior Ballet Manila dancers. 

I'm excited to have Rain go for a trial class! Let's see if she will like it! Although if I know my daughter (and I think I do) she will fall in love with it!

        Ballet Manila is located at 1915 Donada Street, Pasay City. They also have a satellite school in Crossfit Halcyon in Fisher Mall.  

        You can enroll at Ticketworld outlets or via  For BPI credit card holders, you can get an exclusive 20-25% discount off tuition fees. (That's huge!)  

For more information, you may contact the following:
Telephone: (+632) 400 0292 and (+632) 525 5967. 

Photos provided by Ballet Manila


  1. Wow! I would love to see Baby Rain perform some basic ballet dances. :) For sure, she will look super cute in tutus. :) I have had ballet lessons when I was in high school and dancing ballet really helped in making myself graceful and poised most of the time. Sakit nga lang sa paa wahaha.

    1. Hi Roch! Wow! That's cool!!! Baka you can also teach Rain a thing or two so she can be prepared for her trial class? hehehe ;-) Hope to see you around soon! :-)

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