Friday, March 27, 2015

Free Unlimited Movies, TV Shows and Series with HOOQ via Partnership with Globe Tattoo

hooq globe tattoo

        If you're like my husband, Mr. Pickiest Eater who loves watching TV series and movies, then you too will be excited like a fresh grad getting his pay check for the first time when you hear Globe's new partnership with HOOQ. An online tool that can give Globe Tattoo customers exclusive access to lots and lots of shows and movies like you wouldn't believe! And you can access it all right from your tablet or mobile phone! How awesome is that?!? It's like Spotify for videos!!!

hooq free filipino movies

        HOOQ has a vast library of movies, shows, and television episodes that you can watch. From local shows (ABSCBN, GMA, Regal Entertainment, and Viva Communications.) 

hooq free movies

        And for international, the library includes Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

        Tattoo customers can enjoy UNLIMITED online streaming, and you can also have the option to download it and watch it offline. This means I can pre-download shows while I have wifi at home, then watch the video while on the plane going to Palawan or something. You can download up to 5 videos total. You can also hook up your HOOQ up to 5 devices. Your smartphone, laptop, tablet, what have yous.

Okay, so how much? And what does this include? 
  • Exclusive access to HOOQ = starting at Plan 1,299 
  • Combined access to HOOQ with Spotify or NBA = starting at Plan 1,599
  • Access to all three (HOOQ, Spotify, and NBA)  = starting at Plan 1,999
  • All plans include 1 Mbps minimum speed up to 15 Mbps
  • Free landline
  • Free unlimited calls to Globe and TM
  • Free Wi-Fi modem

        For video fanatics who just can't get enough (and by fanatics I mean my husband), in case you exceed your data, there's the Tattoo home volume boost that you can avail of to make sure you have consistent streaming / download speeds. If you're not sure how much speed you actually need, Tattoo Home will be implementing their 3-month program, where wired customers can get an additional 50GB on top of their existing plan data allowance. So one you breach 50% of your existing plan data allowance, you'll get a text message alert. With this, you can really track your usage. 

HOOQ for Globe Mobile Smartphones

hooq mode of payment

        If for now you're planning to just use HOOQ with your Globe / TM mobile phone, just go to, sign up and make your account, and then for the mode of payment, you can pay through your Globe/TM mobile bill/prepaid load for only P199 good for 30 days. Option to use credit card will be coming soon!

hooq on itunes

        Once you've created your account, you can then download the app in your mobile phone / tablet. The app is available in iTunes and Play Store.

hooq tv series

        I fiddled around with the app earlier and saw that they have FRIENDS!!!!! Okay that's more than enough reason already to sign up! My whole family loves loves loves watching Friends. For me it's the funniest sitcom until this very day!

hooq kids movies

        I'm also really excited for my little Rainbow! She can very easily watch lots of movies or shows for kids during our travels when she's bored in the car. This can save me a lot of time downloading movies, and then transferring it to Rain's tablet! Thank you Globe and HOOQ for this promising partnership!

hooq globe tattoo

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