Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rain's Adorable Reaction When She Sees Her New Elsa Costume

        Rain is a girly girl. She loves princesses, sparkly stuff, sometimes even tries to wear my old heels. And more than anything else, she loves dressing up, She can get a simple cloth laying around and will put it on like a skirt or a cape, or a veil.

        So one afternoon, on the same day I posted this Instagram photo of hers, I decided it was time to bring out one of her Christmas gifts from her Bito and Bita (grandparents). And my husband took a video of her adorable reaction as soon as she saw it! :')

Click Read More to watch the video!

        Truly, toddlers reactions are priceless! She really is a Disney Princess! Long may she reign! Thanks to my husband Richie for the awesome edit! ;-)  


  1. she has the cutest reaction ever!! :) hooray for queen rain (elsa)!! :)

    1. She keeps surprising us everytime with her new reactions to different things haha! Thanks Franny!!! Hope to see you again soon!!!😘😘😘 all hail Queen Elsa!👑


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