Friday, March 27, 2015

Rain’s First Movie Theater Experience!: CINDERELLA

Watching Cinderella

        Last March 18, 2015, was a fun and memorable day for us. It was Rain’s first time to enter a movie house! The movie? It’s a Disney movie of course! The new live action Cinderella! It was a treat of PLDT HOME as part of the launching of their newest announcement, the Disney on TelPad! Read more about it here!

        But turns out it was not a simple movie experience for Rain....

        Before I tell the bonus of this first experience for Rain, let me first tell you about how she was during her first movie theater experience...

watching a movie with daddy

        Here she is, in her Snow White costume, munching on one of her favorite snacks: puncorn (that’s how she pronounces popcorn)

watching a movie with mommy

Selfie with mommy! Still eating her cheese "puncorn"

Cinderella Special Screening

        So while we were happily munching, this was going on... PLDT HOME welcoming us to the special screening of Cinderella. The place was filled with bloggers, media writers, as well as PLDT HOME TelPad subscribers with their kids who won tickets to this special screening. Kids were asked to wear a costume as a Disney princess or prince. And then Mr. Patrick Tan (PLDT Vice Presidne to HOME Voice Solutions) went on to announce that there was actually a Best In Costume contest!

costume contest

        So the kids were all called to stay in front with the host Princess Kat, for the announcing of winners. Mr Patrcik Tan did the honors of announcing the winners.

        The 3rd prize went to the little prince with the denim crown. Hats off to his mom’s DIY skills! 

        The 2nd prize went to the pretty girl dressed as Rapunzel. At this point, Rain thought that that was it. That it was Rapunzel who won THE prize. So Rain turns to Rapunzel and with great sincerity says “CONGRATULATIONS RAPUNZEL!”  I wanted to cry!!! She was such a good sport! This is probably the proudest moment in my life so far! :’) And because Rain’s reaction was such a surprise to me and Richie, he wasn’t able to hit ‘record’ on his phone on time. But this will forever be recorded in my memory :’)

        I was still reliving the moment when Mr. Patrick Tan announced the grand prize winner...


        YES! RAIN WON!!!!! This custom-made Snow White costume of hers which we had made in Kamuning Market for her 3rd birthday party was totally worth it! Because this would be the 2nd time she won a place for a costume contest using this Snow White dress!

disney princess costume

        After the announcement, we all settled back in our seats and the lights dimmed. We excitedly watched Frozen Fever Short film (yes I teared up at the end. I’m such a cry baby when it comes to Disney flicks), and we all enjoyed the movie Cinderella. Rain was fortunately behaved, until she got a bit bored with her popcorn and decided to walk hover around in front of us. But the movie got her attention back when the Fairy God mother appeared and gave Cinderella her ultimate magical transformation and transportation. Right after that scene, Rain fell in my lap :-) 

        Thank you so much PLDT HOME for this exciting bonus experience for Rain! This is truly something that we will all never forget! :-)


  1. There is always a purpose of songs in Disney movies and they always help tell the story and enhance the movie experience. I admire my disney experience and I was such a big fan of songs that when I was a kid, I was confused when animated movies didn't have songs!


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