Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Jaw-Dropping Benefits of Laurin Coconut Oil!

laurin coconut oil

        If you have been reading my husband's blog and mine for a while now, you would know for a fact that we gear more towards food that have been cooked in a certain technique that started  way back in ancient Egypt around 2500 BC: FRYING. We can't help it. More often than not, it's the delicious stuff. We're not going to lie and pretend we're all for eating healthy. It's not good, we know. But it's not like we're canibals so relax geeeeez! Okay I'm getting way defensive ha ha ha (nervous laughter).

        Aaaanyway, that being said, somehow I feel we need to at least find a way to eat fried stuff that could somehow make us feel less guilty (if that's even possible at all). You walk around the grocery by the cooking oil aisle and see a whole lot of types of cooking oil: vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil, palm oil etc. that have their own health benefits. But just recently, I was introduced to a cooking oil that has a whole bunch of benefits like you wouldn't believe. But at the same time, it's also not that hard to believe once you learn that this certain oil is made from a fruit that's deemed as a "superfood": COCONUT!

        We all know that coconuts are known to have a lot of great health benefits. (We're actually lucky we live in a country that substantially grows coconuts.) As I've researched, what makes coconuts healthy is their unique combination of fatty acids that in return has unremarkable positive effects on health, including better brain function, energy boost, better indigestion, to name a few. Oh, and interestingly, it helps aid in FAT LOSS! (Aha! Did I get your attention? Coz it certainly caught mine!)

        So what makes Laurin an excellent choice for eating healthy? The most apparent reason is that Laurin is made of pure CocoMCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). What's that, you ask? Oh nothing much... it's just the healthiest part of the coconut, that's all. So imagine an oil made of concentrated CocoMCT?

        If you compare Laurin to other MCT oils, they leave the lauric acid intact in the process, and this gives Laurin it's antimicrobial properties that helps further strengthen the immune system, fighting off those stupid sickness that we may acquire on a daily basis. (I do believe in the saying Health is Wealth!) Not only tat, but leaving the lauric acid in there helps preserve all the natural health benefits of coconuts.

        What makes CocoMCT even more awesome is that it is easily absorbed by the body. Then it is converted into ketones which supplies the body and brain with a boost of energy. I admit that my brain is usually afloat, I have a bad memory, and I KNOW I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer (my husband will get mad at me for thinking this, but I'm just calling a spade, a spade). In short... So I need this!

        But wait! There's more! The best part? IT CANNOT BE STORED AS BODY FAT! Seriously, can this product be any healthier?!?

And the answer is, it can be! Let me count the ways:
  • Good for the heart because it manages cholesterol levels
  • Good for digestive system as it flushes out toxins

Good for cooking ...
  • A perfect gourmet oil
  • Stays as liquid and clear even under super cold or super hot conditions. Doesn't turn into grease.
  • Is odor and flavor free! So it won't clash with whatever's on your menu for the day!

Great for beauty and fashion...
  • Because it has great moisturizing powers, it can be used as a great massage oil, conditioner, lip balm, and even as a make up remover!
  • Again since it's odor-free, you won't feel weird slathering it all over your body.
  • Rejuvenates cells and slows down skin aging

Great for athletes!
  • Provides quick source of energy that comes in handy especially with high-intensity training
  • Protects from illnesses and infections
  • Keeps one active and alert

cooking grilled cheese sandwich

        So thank you to Laurin Oil, I felt less guilty about pan-frying these 2 pieces of bread in Laurin oil...

grilled cheese sandwich

        ....turning it into a scrumptious grilled cheese when I got a real craving for it after watching the movie Chef.

cake batter

And thanks to Laurin, I didn't feel icky pouring a good serving of oil into my cake batter mix....  

mickey cakes

... that I made for my little Rainbow. (She really loved it!)

frying tikoy

        aaaand I didn't feel guilty taking these yummy slices of tikoy for a dip in a bubbling pan Jacuzzi of hot coconut oil. (Thanks Joan and Abet Lim of The Food Alphabet for this delicious tikoy!)

laurin coconut oil

        With all these amazing health benefits, how can you not make this a permanent part of your grocery list? ;-)

Laurin CocoMCT can be bought at the following stores:

Salcedo Village
Serendra, BGC

Nurture Nook shop
78-d Estrella st Makati City

The Flow Shop

or call 635-9000 to order
(Delivery is available for minimum orders)

Check out their official website here, and follow Laurin CocoMCT on Facebook


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