Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Natural Multi-Insect Repellent: Mortein NaturGard!

        Because there's apparently a mosquito wonderland in the area where we live in, I have been buying different kinds of mosquito repellent left and right. I bought that yellow bulb thing (seemed to work, in fairness. But seems like some mosquitoes are not bothered by it), and of course Mosquito coils, and bug sprays. But the thing about mosquito coils and bug sprays in the market is the irritating and unpleasant smell. You could say they repel people too. And because of this, you need to ask your family to leave the house first so you can use a bug spray to fumigate your house inside and around the house. Needless to say, it's a hassle. Plus, it's not good for our health. 

        But apparently, there's a wonder product in the market that is safer and more effective! (This is another where-have-you-been-all-my-life product)...

natural bug spray

        Mortein NaturGard with Citronella is an amazing natural insecticide that is safe for the environment and for the family! Let me show you the ways...

dangers of inhaling petroleum

        First, it's not petroleum-based unlike other bug sprays in the market. When we accidentally inhale Petroleum, it's a great danger to our health. We can get dermatitis, eye and skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, or worse, chronic respiratory disease or liver and kidney malfunction, It is also reproductive hazard and cancer hazard. EEEEP!

        Instead, Mortein NaturGard uses water combined with d-lemonene oils. What is d-lemonene? It is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind (as I googled here). Now THAT'S a natural extract right there! And this effectively kills pesky insects (mosquitoes, flies, cockroach, you name it!) in a natural way.

        I can totally vouch for Mortein because just the other night, something weird-looking just crawled on the floor of the 1st floor bathroom. It was a house centipede!!! GROSS!!!! I screamed like a little girl, grabbed the Mortein NaturGard and started spraying on in like crazy! And in a few seconds, it was dead. And the best part was that I wasn't hesitant to spray it even with my family in the house and all that, because the scent was a pleasant smell of Citronella so it wasn't at all bothersome.

        As much as I would like to share a photo of that insect here, it just looks so gross that whenever I think about it, I feel like it's on me or something. So just google "house centipede". Let me know what you think! So if it can kill that big bug, you can bet that it can kill a small pesky mosquitoes.

        With all of these great features, it's safe to say that you can use Mortein NaturGard with confidence, you'll be worry-free even if your family is inside the house. Plus, mother nature will be happy as well!

how to use Mortein Citronella

        To use Mortein, you need to shake the can first for a few seconds (like you would with a spray can) so that the oil inside will mix well with the water. And though it may be made of natural oils, do not spray directly on humans, pets, and exposed kitchen utensils, food, water, etc. And as always, keep out of reach of children.

Sharing with you a commercial I found in YouTube:

        Suggested retail price for the 250ml is P152.50 while the 500ml is P234. Thank you Reckitt Benckiser for my very first Mortein NaturGard Citronella! I really feel this is a must-have for every home, not just for houses with kids but for every human being ;-)


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