Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hollywood Babies Use Babiators Sunglasses!

Babiator shades

        It's the middle of summer and I bet every family is in somewhere sunny and bright! And as a mom, (and as a female), aside from lipstick, sunblock and wet wipes, the thing that's always on my to-bring list is sunglasses. It's not for the sake of fashion. My eyes easily hurt when I'm outdoors on a sunny day. And it's hard to see through the bright rays of sun while I drive. With today's global warming thing, the heat is more intense than I can remember.

        So if the UV rays nowadays are that bad and I feel the need to protect my eyes every single day, what more with my toddler's eyes? I just learned that children's eyes can't filter our UV radiation PLUS children receives annual sun exposure 3 times more than adults! YIKES! At a very young age I cannot risk Rain's eyes from being damaged in any shape or form.

And this adorable Babiators sunglasses is just what Rain needs!

Babiator baby

        These adorable pop star pink sunglasses are made for kids! With a witty name play for aviator shades. It gives 100% UVA and UVB protection for your child's eyes.

Pink Babiator shades

        The lenses are very tough so you don't have to worry about your kids accidentally breaking them. With different adventures in mind, they made the lenses impact and shatter-resistant. And that will help a lot with kids being kids. Childproof!

Babiator shades

        Don't underestimate these flexible rubber frames! They are very strong and can withstand being sat on or dropped. 

Babiator shades

        And if they do break, or even if you lose it, this is the best part: They will send you a replacement FREE! They are the only sunglasses to offer a Lost & Found Guarantee! Click here for more information.

Babiator shades

Original Babiators completes Rain's scooter sessions! 

Babiator shades

It matches her pink scooter too!

Babiator Pop star pink

And you can't deny the fact that they're very fashionable! (Disclaimer: She did the duck face on her own. Go figure)

Hollywood babies have been spotted with Babiators too!

Check all these celebrities on Pinterest!

Babiators As Seen On the following shows:


Other Babiator Products

Original Babiators in 7 colors (P950)

Polarized Babiators (P1,850)

Aces shades

For ages 7 to 14, there's Aces (P1,650)

Submariners Goggles

And Babiators for underwater! Submariners Goggles! (P1,850)

        Original Babiators sunglasses come in two sizes: Junior size for 6 months to 3 years old. And there's the Classic for kids ages 3 to 7+ years.

Original Babiators are available at the following stores:
  • Nothing But H20 (Boracay, Alabang Town Center, Rockwell)
  • R.O.X.
  • Rustan's (Alabang Town Center, Makati, Shangri-La, Gateway, Cebu)
  • Mothercare (Trinoma, Active Fun, Greenbelt 5, Robinson's Magnolia, Robinson's Ermita)
  • Kidsports (Festival Mall Alabang, Trinoma, Shangri-La, Robinson's Magnolia)
  • Modern Mama Baby Shop (Cebu)
  • Babyland (Shaw Blvd, Glorietta, Eastwood)
  • Nurture Nook

And can be bought at the following Online Stores:

  • Nothing But H20 Online

        For more information and other products, visit Babiator Philippine's official website : And like them on Facebook: Babiators PH. Have a happy Babiator summer everyone!


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