Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cookies Unlimited's Cookie Cups!

cookie cups

        I don't think I ever said this but one of my favorite desserts ever is a chewy cookie. I'm not a fan of tough ones. I like em soft and chewy! Which is why I like Audrey Uy's creations at Cookies Unlimited. Chewy and soft and not overly sweet. Just the way I like it! And imagine my delight when I got to taste er Cookie Cups!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rain's First School ID Picture (What Made Rain Smile)

        Yesterday I went out with Rain to get the last and final thing on the list for her school requirements. 3 pieces of 1x1 picture (Yes, she's going to a small school next month! Time flies by so fast!)

        One of the things I like in my village is how it almost has everything, including 2 photo studios.

Here we go!

photo ID

It took the poor photographer quite a number of shots because she would not do it properly. (By the way, if you notice, she decided to also wear her little cooking apron to the shoot so I had to ask her to pull down the top part.)

Afternoon Bites with Braun and Severin!

Chef Redg Baron

        As most of you might know already, I don't really cook. But I was fortunate to get invited to Afternoon Bites. A lovely afternoon cooking session with the SoMoms because I got to witness the wonder that is Braun and Severin. Two amazing kitchen appliances brands that not only makes cooking easier, but more fun!

I couldn't believe the number of things one can easily make with these appliances! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Understanding My Mommy Mission Through #MomManifesto Online Workshop

Mom Manifesto

What is my Mommy Mission?

        Seems like an easy question with an obvious answer. But is it really that easy? When finally faced with challenges, will it really be that easy?

        Truth is being a mom is no walk in the park. It's not always cuddling with your new born baby, playing happily in the garden with your children, laughing and having a great time all the time. It's real life. It's as real as it can be. When you become a mom, you are suddenly responsible for these little humans to grow up successfully. Hence, you will hardly have time to pause and take a moment for yourself and do a quick check on your sanity, and make sure we're you're losing the big picture.

        It's terrifying. Yes. But if we take a moment to asses ourselves as a mom, and really think about our end goal, we can start tweaking our not-so-helpful habits so we can stay in the right lane and somehow reach our goal smoothly.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

There's A New Coffee In Town! And They're Spreading Happiness!: Super Coffee! (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

Super Coffee

        There are lots of 3-in-1 coffee mixes available in the market nowadays. I have to admit I have not tried all of it but one of the brands one of the brands I have tried is pretty good! Super Coffee! Lots of different types of variants that you don't usually find in other brands.

        Super Coffee is a brand from Singapore and is now here in the Philippines. A brand of great quality that uses only world class quality beans from Indonesia,  Brazil, and Vietnam. Their roasting process is meticulously done to get the most flavor and aroma out of the beans at just the right time. And then it undergoes a serious liquid extraction  which creates extremely concentrated coffee that is actually up to 48 times stronger than regular coffee. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Spend Your Mother's Day at Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair, Exhibit, &Mother's Day Celebration!

        What mom doesn't like bazaars and fairs? No one! At least that I know of. That's why moms will get a kick out of The Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair! Already happening starting April 17,2015 running every Friday's to Sundays and until this weekend, May 10 in Glorietta 1 and 4! It's a fair where you will find lots of one-of-a-kind things for moms, kids, family, and even home stuff! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

BETADINE® Feminine Wash : Do It Twice A Week!

        I'll be the first one to admit that I didn't really think too much of feminine washes until a few days ago. I just use soap down there. And all the while I was thinking that wasn't a big deal. Of course I was wrong. And what was I thinking anyway? I try to use only the best facial soap for my skin, based on the type of skin I have. So why the heck should I not pick the correct type of wash for my vajayjay? It's a pretty serious stuff, girls! So serious that if we're not careful and we're being careless, it could actually lead to infection, then that could lead to a number of different problems including infertility. And based on my experience, I think I can vouch that this is possible.

        You see, we didn't conceive Rain right away after my husband and I got married. It took us 3 years of casually trying. Until we finally decided to really start trying to conceive. But turns out it was not as easy for us unlike other couples who conceive in a snap. Clearly there was a problem. So we went to a family friend who is actually a doctor specializing in prostate cancer but yet has had lots of fertility success stories. His logic was that before undergoing any other expensive fertilization treatments, was to first make sure that the place where the baby would grow is clean and free from infections. Because no matter how many IFVs you undergo, if there's an infection somewhere, there's a possibility the treatment would fail. That's how many hundred thousands of pesos down the drain. It makes sense right?

        I don't want to go into detail about my husband but as for my part, turns out I did have some type of infection, so we first treated it with antibiotics and regular check ups (pap smear). And in three months, TADAAAAA! I was pregnant! Dr. Manny Sta. Cruz was right on the money!

Betadine Feminine Wash
        A simple hygiene routine error could lead to complicated problems. And I now realize that normal feminine wash won't cut it. We need the real stuff. And BETADINE® 7.5% antiseptic Feminine Wash is your best bet!