Friday, May 22, 2015

Afternoon Bites with Braun and Severin!

Chef Redg Baron

        As most of you might know already, I don't really cook. But I was fortunate to get invited to Afternoon Bites. A lovely afternoon cooking session with the SoMoms because I got to witness the wonder that is Braun and Severin. Two amazing kitchen appliances brands that not only makes cooking easier, but more fun!

I couldn't believe the number of things one can easily make with these appliances! 


Lemon and Basil refresher

        As we settled in our seats and waited for the actual program to start, I couldn't help but gulp down this Lemon and Basil refresher. It really hits the spot on this hot hot summer. It was an uncommon drink, for me at least. So I was really intrigued on how to make it.  And with Braun's Citrus Juicer and Jug blender, it's as easy as 1,2,3! (Read on for the recipe)

Braun Multiquick 3 Citrus Juicer 

        I remember a few months ago,  I tried juicing a lemon using a manual juicer. I thought it was fun and easy. Boy I was wrong! 

A video posted by Rina Zamora 🌈 (@rinasrainbow) on

With Braun Multiquick 3 Citrus Juicer, all you need to do is push the fruit down and it will do the work for you.

Braun Multiquick 3 Jug Blender

        Then they used the Braun Multiquick 3 Jug Blender to blend everything together. And it did a flawless job doing it. 

TributeCollection Food Processor

        Up next, appetizers! You can do amazing gourmet cooking with this TributeCollection Food Processor. That afternoon, Chef Redg Baron (host of UNTV's Cooke Eat Right) showed us how to make a basil puree using this food processor. The thing we all noticed was how silent this machine is. Usually processors make a lot of noise but this one was more of just humming.

Caprese Skewer

        With just the right ingredients, some skewers, Chef was able to make a classy Caprese Skewer.


He also used the food processor to make the pomodoro sauces for this Pomodoro-Diavola

Napolitana Panini

And for this Napolitana Panini. (Recipes towards the end)

Severin Multi-Sandwich ToasterSeverin Multi-Sandwich Toaster

Both the Pomodoro - Diavola and the Napolitana Panini were made using the Severin Multi-Sandwich Toaster with Grill Plates

Sweet and Sour Tamarind Fish on a Cup

The food processor was also used in this very interesting and delicious Sweet and Sour Tamarind Fish on a Cup! One of my favorites! (Read on for the recipe)

Braun Omelette Multiquick 3 Hand Blender

        We witnessed how much you can do with this Braun Omelette Multiquick 3 Hand Blender. Quick sauces and dips in a flash and without breaking a sweat! Like the food processor, we couldn't help but notice how quietly it works. No scary loud noises coming out of it. Just a soft humming.

Creamy Spinach Dip recipe

        We were able to try this delicious restaurant-quality Creamy Spinach Dip, prepared with the use of the hand blender. 

Chicken Satay

The Raclette Party Grill is responsible for these very tasty Chicken Satay

Raclette Party Grill

        This is the Raclette Party Grill by Severin. It's got 4 non-stick coated mini pan plus a non-stick coated grill pan which makes grilling and melting cheeses fun and easy!

Raclette Party Grill

Here's what it looks like in party-mode! ;-)


        Desserts are more delicious when made together with the family. And it's appliances like Severin that make cooking desserts even more fun and easy!

Crepe Maker

        My favorite is the Severin Crepe Maker. I love crepes but don't get to have them unless I'm at a buffet. It comes with the wooden crepe spreader thing. 

Crepe making!:) #AfternoonBites #severinph @colombophils

A video posted by Rina Zamora 🌈 (@rinasrainbow) on

It's so easy to make one too! See Chef Redg make one flawlessly!

home made crepe

        With Severin's Crepe Maker, we can have a crepe party whenever we want! (Thank you Severin for my crepe maker! I was so happy that I got it! And I can't wait to have a crepe party with my family soon!)

Fab Layered Crepe Cake

        By the way, you can make more than just a simple crepe with the Crepe Maker. You can also make this beautiful Fab Layered Crepe Cake! (Read on for the recipe)

waffle and cone maker

        Love waffles? Making waffles are easy and fun with Severin's Waffle / Cone maker. It's better than the other waffle makers in the market that I know of because with this one you have to option to make your waffle into a waffle cone! Just like how Chef Redg showed us in the photo above.

Braun Coffee Maker

        After dessert, or during dessert, what's nice is to have a hot cup of coffee made by the Braun Coffee Maker.

Braun Sommelier design collection

        The coffee maker is part of The Sommelier design collection from Braun. Aside from the coffee maker, this set includes the bread toaster and water kettle. Its got smart functions that will make mornings easier as you prepare your family some heart-warming breakfast!

Braun and Severin

        Braun and Severin are both clearly into making homemakers' lives easier. These German appliances really make a difference in people's lives by knowing what people exactly need in the kitchen. Their innovations are based on the needs of home makers to make things not just quicker but more convenient. But at the same time makes delicious quality food. And speaking of quality, these appliances are so tough that they will last for years. That's German quality. Unlike the cheaper ones on the market that breaks after you use them for just a few times. I actually had a blender that I used once. And the next time I used it, it didn't work anymore. Tsk tsk...As always, quality trumps price!

CMP Domestic Business

        Braun and Severin are both exclusively distributed by CMP Domestic Business, along with these other fabulous brands that they carry which are Nestle Dolce Gusto, Beurer, and Minox. 

        To learn more about the products, it's specs, and prices, just head on to And in the rare case that your Braun or Severin needs servicing, you can take them to the service center at the address below:

CMP Incorporated
Mezzanine 1, South Center Tower
2206 Venture Street, Madrigal Business Park
Alabang Muntinlupa City
Phone: (02) 809-3441

Thank you so much CMP Domestic and Michelle Ressa Aventajado for having Rina's Rainbow!

If you're interested in the food featured in this post and more, zoom in for the recipes here!;-)

Lemon and Basil Refresher recipe

Lemon and Basil Refresher

Caprese Skewers recipe

Caprese Skewers

Chicken Satay recipe

Chicken Satay

Layered Crepe Cake recipe

Fab Layered Crepe Cake

Sweet and Sour Tamarind Fish on a Cup recipe

Sweet and Sour Tamarind Fish on a Cup

Chilli Con Carne recipe

Chilli Con Carne

Pomodoro - Diavola and Napolitana Panini Duet recipe

Pomodoro - Diavola and Napolitana Panini Duet


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