Friday, May 22, 2015

Rain's First School ID Picture (What Made Rain Smile)

        Yesterday I went out with Rain to get the last and final thing on the list for her school requirements. 3 pieces of 1x1 picture (Yes, she's going to a small school next month! Time flies by so fast!)

        One of the things I like in my village is how it almost has everything, including 2 photo studios.

Here we go!

photo ID

It took the poor photographer quite a number of shots because she would not do it properly. (By the way, if you notice, she decided to also wear her little cooking apron to the shoot so I had to ask her to pull down the top part.)

photo ID

She would either look somewhere else...

id picture albert the monkey doll

.... or not smile at all

albert the monkey doll

...or her friend Albert the Monkey would get in the way of the shot. 

ID picture

Finally we got the shot! But only because I showed her a photo to make her smile. 
Guess who's photo it was...

Robin Teen Titans Go

Robin from Teen Titans Go. (Kinilig! Go figure...)


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