Monday, June 15, 2015

More Play Time with Huggies® Dry Pants and Baby Gentle Care Wipes!

Huggies Bear

        I still remember when I gave birth to Rain. As most of you may know, she's currently my only child. Sure I was nervous and all about being a first-time mom. Though I had plenty of help from family and relatives, it was still nerve-wrecking. But there's one thing that made me quite nervous that I never really thought of before. It was the fact that me and Richie would be her first playmate. Will she like my play ideas? Will she be entertained? Or will she be bored?

        Fact is, we don't really have to think too hard about it. The important thing that you are there to play along with your child. Aside from the fact that babies learn things about the world through play, the important thing is the bonding between you and your child. The activity really doesn't matter. As long as you do it with your child. 

        Anyway, when I take Rain to go outside for a ride in her scooter, I have to make sure she's all set to have a long play time. Because usually we would go around a block, and of course it's hard to be outside in the streets when she suddenly needs to peepee. Same thing when we go to the mall. Or on a long road trip. It's times like that that she needs comfortable diaper that will keep her dry and at the same time will be convenient when it comes to changing. Just like Huggies® Dry Pants!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Immediate Powers of MySlim Yerba Mate Drink!

        Being the wife and designated photographer The Pickiest Eater is not 100% easy. It's fun, but of course, from all the food trips, it's hard to go on a diet. I know size shouldn't really matter, but as a personal preference, of course I want to try to go back in shape, or at least lose a couple of pounds more. Another challenge I face with food trips is that I'm almost always constipated (sorry for giving you too much information). Food trip + constipation = not good. So recently I tried taking this senna leaves tea. It works, but not really immediately. You have to drink it before going to bed so in the morning, that's when you'll find yourself rushing to the bathroom to do the deed.

my Slim yerba mate drink

        But a friend of mine introduced me to another drink. A drink that helps burn fat, detoxifies almost immediately, but at the same time gives you energy that will last you throughout the day! It's My Slim Yerba Mate Drink.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Johnson's Baby Reminds Us to Let Our Children Play For Real

watching on iPad

        I'm not going to lie. I let Rain play with her iPad when she wants. She loves browsing through YouTube toy videos and episodes of her favorite cartoons, all of course with my supervision. And yes, she does learn a lot from it with all the free educational apps that you can find on the App Store. There's tons of apps that are appropriate for Rain's age. And when she watches some telly, it's always always on Disney Junior. By watching Disney Junior, she picks up a lot of expressions and sentences, and she understands how to use them. So if you ask me, TV and gadgets are not at all bad. BUT.... I'm not defending my decision of letting Rain play with gadgets. I will go on and admit that Real Play is still the best for kids. Getting your hands dirty, feeling real textures of mother nature and more that tickles your child's senses. And this is what Johnson's Baby is campaigning for. 

        And so I was happy for me and Rain when we got invited by Johnson's Baby for a play date out with nature, gadget-free!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Painted Table Mats by ToyKraft

toddler painting

        Since I made some home made finger paint for Rain, this is the first time again that I let her play with real paint and a paint brush. And she really enjoyed it! It was a Painted Table Mats set by ToyKraft from the Make My Day booth that sell fun art stuff during the Expo Mom 2015 at Glorietta.

ToyKraft is originally from Mumbai and is imported in the Philippines by Panvin International Corporation. They've got tons of art things for your little artist! And for adults too! This is actually not just for kids who like to paint. It can also be for adults! I would have made my own if Rain didn't finish up all the paint. This Painted Table Mats is actually just one of the many things they have.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Okay This Sanitary Napkin is Awesome!: Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core ™

Napkin with Ion

        Ever since I saw the viral video about this wonder napkin, I was really intrigued. I spoke about it with an all-girls family chat group that we had and turns out that my cousin-in-law has tried it and liked it! To tell you honestly, I have been waiting for Aunt Flow to come just so I can try and see if this is really as awesome as I watched in the net. And it was!

        So if you haven't heard of this napkin with Negative Ion Core™, let me share the information and the videos with you because it is mind-blowing!

Monday, June 1, 2015

See The Great, Feel The Great with LG G4!

LG G4 Day The Theater Solaire

        For those who know me well, you would know that I have a thing for smart phones. When I walk around a mall, SM Malls for example, it gives me joy to look around in Cyberzone. Cell phone shops are sort of my happy place (besides Disneyland). It's weird, I know. And I don't always change my phone. I stick to one until for about 2 years when it usually runs slow already. Disclaimer! I'm not so knowledgeable when it comes to super technical terms but I do appreciate the basic features like surfing, messaging, and of course, the camera. 


        And so, when I got an invite for the launching of LG fans' highly anticipated LG G4 in The Theatre of Solaire Resorts, I knew I just had to go and experience it! Because as it turns out, the LG G4's camera is the best phone camera there is to date. And yes, sad to say, it trumps the iPhone 6 Plus' camera and in lots of other ways.