Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Okay This Sanitary Napkin is Awesome!: Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core ™

Napkin with Ion

        Ever since I saw the viral video about this wonder napkin, I was really intrigued. I spoke about it with an all-girls family chat group that we had and turns out that my cousin-in-law has tried it and liked it! To tell you honestly, I have been waiting for Aunt Flow to come just so I can try and see if this is really as awesome as I watched in the net. And it was!

        So if you haven't heard of this napkin with Negative Ion Core™, let me share the information and the videos with you because it is mind-blowing!

Napkin with Ion

        Angel's Secret™ is referred to as the next generation sanitary napkin mainly because of the Negative Ion Core™. This anion strip is the negatively charged ion. It emits up to 5,800 anions per cubic meter. And when it does, it helps...
  • Eliminate odor
  • Eliminate bacteria
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Harmonizes pH level
  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Regulates menstruational cycle
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Relieves abdominal cramps

        You know how sometimes on our strongest days you kind of smell it? Well it's odor no more with Angel's Secret because of the ion core that helps reduce, if not, completely removes the smell. I really experienced this when I tried it. Plus, it's amazing how absorbent it is. It's almost unbelievable. See the amateur demo video below to really see it! You can fast forward it to 5:30. Angel's Secret is the one on the left. See how quickly the blue water sinks under, and as soon as it's full, in just a few seconds you will see it turn from blue to super light blue when the surface dries. It's like magic!

        No special effects here because I have tried it and I was really amazed how the napkin maintained very flat even when I had a strong flow. And you hardly feel wet because of the Super Absorbent Polymer with instant dryness surface layer which dries up in just 8 seconds.

        Each pad actually has 7 levels, which is amazing considering how thin it is. These 7 layers ensures there's no leakage, it won't rip off when you move a lot, and at the same time making it breathable so it will feel more fresh down there.

7 layers:

1 - special cotton for outer dryness and comfort
2 - Anion stripe (eliminates bacteria, odor, and it is anti-inflammatory)
3 - special water channel made from special quality cotton that helps prevent leaks
4 - super absorbent polymer with super moisturizing particles which helps instantly dry the surface in just 8 seconds
5 - another layer of special water channel made from special quality cotton that helps prevent leaks
6 - breathable membrane of polyethylene (waterproof!) and effectively removes moisture.
7 - food grade adhesive made of stripped plastic. 

Napkin with Ion

        I also appreciate that they put in a lot of thought in the packaging as well. It has a resealable tab to keep dirt and germs away from the pad once you open the pack. 

Napkin with Ion

        Smart! No one ever thought to do this with napkins. After all come to think of it, napkins are really something that we need to keep clean because we put it our sensitive body part if you know what I mean.

        The price? Of course expect it to be more expensive than the usual brands but the performance will justify the price, really. I'm not even selling these. I'm just really amazed so I wanted to share it! :-)

See the official Angel's Secret video:

Try it and let me know what you think! :-)


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      Thank you.

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  2. Thaaaaaank God I found your blog Mommy Rina~ my friend and I bought a panty liner and a day pad, and today.. i will try the day pad.. i've been using the pliner for almost 5 days already and i think it helps my monthly friend comes at exact date i was expecting her to come, not like before that it takes like 5 to 7 days to come :D... I even use the pliner on my 1st and 2nd day because i have a very little amount of friend, but now, i will try this daypad.. and i think i will fall in love with it :)

    God Bless~~

  3. hi good afternoon! i just want to ask why is it the panty liner is different strip from other napkins like day and night napkins... im just wondering why is it white not green? can u kindly please explain to me why?

    dhang from dubai

  4. Hi Dhang! Oh I actually have not seen the panty liner version and I haven't tried it yet. But if I do find out I'll let you know!:)

  5. Hi....I'm also a distributor and user of this product... Feel free to contact me... +639355931617

    1. I'm from Japan. I'm also a distributor and user of Angels Secret napkin :) message me at for more info

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  8. I was been diagnose with polycyctic ovaries 8 months ago. No medication recommended just only diet. Not to exagerate but i pee almost 30x a night. It was been a nightmare. it affect my daily mood because of the sleepless night effect.i always complain on my husband the hassle it cause. So irritating. With the help of research, i discover the angels secret panty liner. Just one day of use, my GUSH!!! Its unbelievable.i use 2 pads (morning and night) then i took out the negative ion strip inside the pad (like the square thing) then i mixed it with 1 liter of water to consume in a day.. Very very amazing!!!! Just in 1 day, my sleep was continous not only that i don't feel anymore pain such a relieved!! Very affordable it give you so much COMFORT. I really really love this product.. For those people who discover this product. From the bottom of my heart i would like to say super thanks!!!

    1. Good to hear your experience as one of those we have heard.
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  9. Hi im here in Taiwan,where can i purchase? If i want to be a distriburtor how? Tnx

  10. Hi Mari Vic, nice to know you opt to share the healthy and safe living and even be a distributor!!
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