Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Sweet Sunday Brunch at Fairmont Makati's Spectrum!

Big gummy bear

        Rain, Richie, and I felt like we walked inside the buffet of Willy Wonka last Sunday when we went to Spectrum's Sweet Sunday Brunch. It's Fairmot Hotel's special Sunday Buffet filled with delicious meals and special sweet endings! It's every Sunday which started last June 28 (12 noon until 3 p.m.) and will only be for a limited time. This special brunch is brought to you by three very special sweet makers! Switzerland's LINDT, United States' GHIRARDELLI, Spain's VALOR, and Germany's HARIBO!


        Upon entering Spectrum, 2 cute life-sized Haribo bears will greet you! It's hard not to check out what's going on in Spectrum when you just happen to pass by with these two huge bears on display.

Haribon Candies

         The tables centerpieces composed of scattered candies! I felt like I was in a children's party! An upscale one, that is.

dessert buffet

        And then there it was... the candy and dessert buffet! As much as I would have loved to try all of them, I could only slide so much down in my tummy. But everything was just really so pretty! It was indeed a candy wonderland!

dessert buffet

        See those hanging thingies? They're marshmallows made from scratch I think! So fluffy and not too sweet! I should have gotten more! Also, a tip: See that bowl of Haribo gummy bears? Rain was lucky to see a huge gummy bear at the bottom of the bowl! 

So I dug it up for her :-) 

        And here are more photos of the delicious and creative sweets at Spectrum by Spectrum's dessert chefs led by Chef Nikki Misa !

ice cream cake

cake pops

rainbow cake

ice cream designed cake



gummy worm pie

clown cupcakes

clam cookies


jelly oranges

candied apples

ferris wheel cookie holder

wicked oreos

        Of course, a dessert area wouldn't be complete without OREOS! They have a Wicked Oreos station where they deep-fry Oreos for you!

sushi station

        But of course before indulging on the desserts, feast on Spectrum's delicious selection of food! I always start with sushi! 

cold cuts and cheese

Cold cuts and cheese? Yes, please!

veggie station

I also thought their greens section was really beautiful and full of color!

roast beef in gravy

        And of course they've got lots of meat! Like this roast beef which I had thinly sliced and bathe in gravy! I got my inspiration from Dandre. Mommy Practicality's genius son who was sitting right in front of me. Then order a cup of white steaming rice. Oooh la la! For more on the meat, check out my husband's post on The Pickiest Eater ;-)

kiddie meal

        This is the kiddie meal area. A very cheesy macaroni and cheese with sliders and colored breaded hotdogs.

toddler rolling dough

        At the very end of the buffet is a cool rolling-pin-it-yourself table where kids can knead or stretch or roll pin their own dough, select toppings, and have the baking chefs there bake it for you and brought to your table.

Rain's chocolate pizza

Tadaaaa! Here's Rain's creation! Chocolate pizza ala-Rain!

Rain's chocolate pizza

        I helped Rain with the toppings otherwise she would have just sprinkled anything there. I added chocolate chip, cookie dough,  and Rain added the pink stuff. Not even sure what it was.

        And while the adults stay a while longer for chika time, the kids can go up to the 2nd floor where where they can design their own cupcakes! There was also a movie playing so the kids can just hang out there and watch and design cupcakes while waiting for their parents to finish talking.

Rain's cupcake

        This is Rain's first creation. I think it's cute! Rain really had fun and so did we! I had to pry her away from the cupcake making room. It's really a fun experience for the family! Come hungry!

        Spectrum's Sweet Sunday Brunch is Php 2,777 per head. But children from 6-12 years old get 50% off!

        Learn more about this Sweet Sunday brunch on Fairmont's website here. And learn more about Spectrum here

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