Friday, July 24, 2015

Sweetheart Balloons Event Specialist: Your One-Stop Party Shop!

        Every year on the month of October (Rain's birth month), I'm always thankful for the fact that I have a nice mother-in-law that enjoys preparing themed parties for Rain's birthday. It's like having my own party planner (hehehe thanks Mom you rock!!!)

        But the thing is, not everyone is like my mom-in-law. Not everyone has the time to prepare and plan parties. And quite frankly, I'm one of those people. If it weren't for mom, Rain's parties would be less fun. I'm a lazy planner.

Disney party

        So this is when event specialists come in very handy! Save yourself all the stress and just go to a reputable event specialist to do all the work for you! An amazing event specialist like Sweetheart Balloons!

        Sweetheart Balloons has the complete package! With them, you'll be worry-free in planning your dream party. Just worry about your guest list! I saw beautiful photos of their works. And man, their set up, especially the balloon decor, blew me away! I mean look at them! (And on a side note, I can't believe how lavish kids parties are now!):

sanrio party

balloon arrangements

balloon arrangements

balloon arrangements

balloon ceiling arrangement

Check this out! The ceiling is practically covered in balloons! It's very intricate work and it really transformed the place into a different world!

Disney Frozen party

This is my favorite! Look how they made the silver diamond balloons into big snowflakes for this Frozen party theme?! Pretty awesome!

        So like I mentioned earlier, Sweetheart Balloons Event Specialist is more than just balloons. They also have hosting services, the greatest magicians, acrobats shows, magic shows, food stalls and more! And what's convenient is that they have packages that will suit every budget and every need. Hold your breath!:


  • 2 sets Balloon pillar w/ Mother balloon topper 
  • 10 sets Table centerpiece w/ 12" printed balloon topper 
  • 1 pc 4x4 Tarpaulin w/ personalized theme & baby picture 
  • 50 pcs Balloonderitas 


  • 2 sets Balloon pillar w/ mylar 1
  • 10 sets Table centerpiece w/ mylar 
  • 1 pc 4x4 Tarpaulin w/ personalized theme & baby picture 
  • 100 pcs Balloonderitas


  • 2 sets Balloon pillar w/ mylar 
  • 10 sets Table centerpiece w/ mylar 
  • 1 pc 4x6 Tarpaulin w/ personalized theme & baby picture 
  • 4 rows Link balloon ceiling or 100 pcs Balloonderitas 
  • 1 pc Entrance arch balloon 
  • 10sets clusters


  • 1 set Balloon arch w/ small pillar, planters front w/ mylar 
  • 1 pc 4x6 Tarpaulin w/ personalized theme & baby picture 
  • 10 pcs Table centerpiece w/ mylar 
  • 4 rows Link balloon for the ceiling 
  • 2 sets Balloon pillar w/ mylar (Entrance) 
  • 1 pc Balloon burst w/ candies, confetti & 15 pcs sml balloon inside 
  • 10 sets clusters


  • 1 set Balloon arch 
  • 1 pc 4x6 Tarpaulin w/ personalized theme & baby picture 
  • 10 sets Table centerpiece w/ mylar 
  • 2 sets Balloon pillar w/ mylar (Entrance) 
  • 1 pc Balloon burst w/ candies, confetti & 15 pcs small balloon inside 
  • 25 sets Cluster w/ floating balloons (For the ceiling design)
  • Styro Backdrop for rent (Any character)

PACKAGE 5   (Deluxe package)

  • Theme Full styro backdrop 
  • 1 set balloon pillar
  • 4 sets planters & link front Link balloon ceiling (4 rows) 
  • 50 sets Clusters (20 w/ mylar & 20 w/ printed rubber) with 80pcs balloonderitas 
  • 10 sets Table centerpiece with mylar 
  • Entrance styro with balloon pillar

PACKAGE 6   (Sulit package)

  • Theme Full styro backdrop with balloon pillar & planters balloon Link balloon ceiling 
  • 20 sets Ceiling clusters & balloonderitas 
  • 10 sets Table centerpiece 
  • Styro entrance with 1pair Balloon pillar


  • Theme Full styro backdrop (10ft height x25ft width) 
  • 1 pair balloon pillar
  • 4 sets planters & link front Cake arch Swags & link balloon with 5" ceiling 
  • 60 sets Balloon cluster (30 w/ mylar balloon & 30 w/ printed rubber) with 120pcs Balloonderitas 
  • 15 sets Table centerpiece with 18" mylar topper 
  • Entrance styro with balloon arch

And here are the PARTY THEMES that they’ve got:
  • Frozen 
  • Hello Kitty (Sanrio) 
  • Mickey Mouse & Friends 
  • Disney’s Cars 
  • Toy Story 
  • Circus Carnival 
  • Barbie Paris 
  • Alice in Wonderland 
  • Candyland 
  • F1 Racing 
  • Nascar 
  • Barbie Diamond Castle 
  • Lego Land 
  • Ninja Go 
  • Star Wars 
  • Hollywood 
  • Strawberry Shortcake 
  • Hanna Montana (Rock & roll)
  • Pororo 
  • Seasame Street 
  • Justice League 
  • Jungle Safari 
  • Under the Sea (Nemo, Ariel & Dolphin) 
  • Jake in the Neverland 
  • Hot Wheels 
  • Precious Moments 
  • Avengers 
  • Disney’s Up 
  • Barnyard 
  • Basketball 
  • Sofia the First 
  • Disney Princess 
  • Winnie the Pooh 
  • Barney 
  • Tinkerbell (Fairies) 
  • Dora 
  • M&M 
  • Garden theme (Flowers & butterflies) 
  • Care Bear 
  • Dinosaur 
  • Cowboy 
  • Baby Einstien 
  • Disney’s Aladdin (Aladdin & Jasmine) 
  • Noah's Arc 
  • Mario Brothers
  • Sponge Bob Luau 
  • Fashion 
  • Bratz Rock & roll 
  • Kung Fu Panda 
  • Ben 10 
  • Peter Pan 
  • Magic theme 
  • Olympic 
  • Winx fashion 
  • Power Rangers 
  • Surfing 
  • Angry Bird 
  • Pokemon 
  • Charlie Chocolate factory

But wait! There’s more services offered to make your party jam-packed with fun activities!

  • Face painting   
  • Glitter tattoo    
  • Combination of Glitter tattoo & Face painting.                                     
  • Nail art            
  • Kiddie Salon   

And to make sure the amazing moments are captured, they also have:

Photo & Video (Raw materials only)

with 1CD Hi-resolution Unlimited shot & 2pcs DVD edited Video

Photo (RAW only) with 1CD Hi-resolution Unlimited shot

Photo (RAW only) with 1CD Hi-resolution Unlimited shot (With 100pcs 4R)

For photo and video packages that include pretty albums and more:

Photo & Video (A)
1 pc Photo album (Hard bound)
70 pcs picture 1 pc CD raw picture (Hi-resolution)
2 pcs DVD video
1 pc 11x14 Blow up picture w/ frame

Photo & Video (B)
1 pc 8x10 Magazine type album (PVC type)
120pcs picture w/ layout       (Water & scratch proof)
1 pc CD raw picture (Hi-resolution)
2 pcs DVD video
1 pc 11x14 Blow up picture w/ frame

Photo & Video (C)
2pc 8x10 Magazine type album (Coffee table type)
Water & scratch proof 1 pc CD raw picture (Hi-resolution)
3 pcs DVD video
1 pc 11x14 Blow up picture w/ frame

To really complete your themed party, how about bringing your child’s favorite character to life? Yes. They’ve got mascots too! And experienced hosts to lead the flow of your party!
  • Cosplay CLOWN  w/ sound system 
  • PARTYHOST W/ MAGIC  (With sound system) 
  • Partyhost + Illussion magic (With sound system) 
  • Jive Mini concert (Without sound system)   
  • Atienza Brothers Juggler 
  • Yoyo Master 
  • Neutron Acrobats 
  • Dynamic acrobats 
  • Exodus Acrobats 
  • Shahein - Hosting only with sound system 
  • Chayno - Hosting with magic show & sound system 
  • Vanny - Hosting with magic show & sound system with Illusion 
  • Wizzo - Hosting with magic show & sound system with Illusion 
  • Lou Hilario 
  • Cris Castro with Illusion & Quick Mask change ​, ​with Illusion, Quick Mask change & Costume change 
  • with Illusion, Quick Mask change & Costume change 
  • Jeffrey Tam - Close up magic 
  • Aldino - Hosting with illusion & sound system 
  • Bird & Reptile show
  • Dog & Monkey show 
  • Tectonic Balloon show 
  • Marionettes - 15 to 20 mins
  • Laser Man Show

Sweetheart Balloons can also supply you with food carts! (And everything sounds delicious! I’m a sucker for food carts!)
  • Starbucks (100 servings) 
  • Figaro Coffee (100 servings)
  • Special Mixballs (Squidball, Fishball & Kikiam) 150 servings 
  • Mini Corn dog Special (100 servings) 
  • 3pcs/ serving French fries (120 servings) cheese, sour cream & barbecue 
  • FIC (120 servings) 6 flavors 
  • Nacho king (120 servings) w/ beef, cheese & mushroom   
  • Krispy Krepe (100 Servings) 
  • NY Fries & dip (100 servings) Potato corner (100 servings) 
  • French fries (120 servings) with cheese, beef & mushroom   
  • Twister fries (Tornado) BBQ, Cheese & sour cream 
  • Sorbetes ( Dirty Ice Cream ) (150 servings) 
  • Taho (200 servings) 
  • Big Chill (100 servings) 
  • Fiorgelato 6 flavors (150 servings) 
  • Popcorn cart. Cheese and Barbecue. (100 servings) 
  • Cotton Candy cart (100 servings) 
  • Jimini Pizza 100 servings 
  • Thumbs up (150 servings) 
  • Regular Hotdog on Stick 
  • Yohgurt Froz froyo (100 servings) 
  • Mini Siopao (Asado) 
  • Ersao Milk tea / Fruit shake 
  • Chicken Nuggets 
  • Pizza Pericos (100 servings) 
  • Fruitas (150 servings)

Need souvenirs too? No problem!
  • BAGTAGS unlimited for 3hrs 
  • Personalized Stamp on site 100pcs 
  • Photo Booth unlimited (Class A) for 3hrs 
  • Photo Book 80 pcs (New) 
  • That's My Face Dolls (Onsite 48pcs 12cm 8design to choose from with box) 
  • Flipbook 60pages per booklet 3hrs unlimited
        If you want to put a photo of your little one on balloons, you can! They have personalized photo balloons too!

Need a birthday cake? Don't fret!:

royal themed cake  baby shower cake

Barbie cake  Superhero cake

Frozen cake

And my personal favorite! Breath-taking!!!

        Sweetheart Balloons are located at Binondo, but they do cater to all locations in Manila, even out of town.

        So as you can see, they practically have everything, even the kitchen sink! Upon seeing all these services that they offer, you can really tell that you'll be in good worry-free hands! Now you can start plan your upcoming party with ease. Be it a children's party or a debut or even a wedding, they can do it! And all you need to contact for everything on your check list is just one supplier: Sweetheart Balloons!

Sweetheart Balloons Event Specialist

Address: 823 Salazar St., Binondo, Manila

Contact numbers:
(02) 5249882
(02) 2419917
(02) 2159970
Facebook: Sweetheart Balloons
Instagram: @jevsbrothers


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