Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rain's New Cologne: Team Kramer's Sniff and Cuddle

        We all love our children. Remember their infant days? No matter what you do they always have that natural baby scent that's just so irresistible. It gets so addicting that us mommies can't help but sniff their necks, their armpits and feet all day long, and that will give us loving energy throughout the day. No matter what time of the day, babies smell like babies!
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        But of course, babies grow into toddlers. Active toddlers. And unfortunately, the baby smell that we love kind of expires too. It goes away and is replaced by the smell of a whole afternoon of playing or school activities and more. That's when us parents start shopping for the best-smelling baby cologne to bring back that sweet and refreshing baby smell.

        There's a lot of scents out there on the market for kids but I recently tried something that really has that  addicting and refreshing baby smell! Sniff and Cuddle!

Sniff and cuddle Children's cologne Team Kramer

        Sniff and Cuddle is made by the celebrity family dubbed as "Social Media's First Family", Team Kramer, with Zen Zest Asia, to create three wonderful scents for kids! Needless to say, this wonderful cologne is 100% Philipine-made! And that's pretty cool!

Sniff and cuddle Children's cologne

        What makes Sniff and Cuddle unique is that it is made with Aloe & Oat Protein Moisturizers. These are ingredients that are known to soothe and soften your little one's skin.That being said, it will not only make your kids smell irresistible, but it will make your children's skin feel nice, too!

Sniff and Cuddle has 3 scents, all made with the Team Kramer kids in mind.

Sniff and cuddle Children's cologne

        “STAR” for #KendraSuperstar, has a fresh, floral scent. I like it because the floral scent is not super strong. It's very nose-friendly (if that makes sense).

        “DOLL” for #ScarlettDoll has a sweet, fruity scent. The fruity scent is addicting and refreshing!

        and last but not the least, “INCREDIBLE” for #GavIncredible, for that fresh-out-of-the-shower, powdery scent.

        All scents really smell good in their own different ways that's why it's really hard to pick just one. Seriously. So it's nice to get all three for different moods.

Sniff and Cuddle cologne

So even after school, my little kinder still smells like a baby that makes you just want to sniff and cuddle! Oh and the best part?  You can get these amazing baby colognes for only P60 for the 70ml bottle! Available in Zen Zest Asia Outlets.

For more information and for other scents, visit Zen Zest on their official website www.zenzest.com.ph/

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