Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Road-Testing the Chevrolet Captiva's Awesomness!

Chevrolet Captiva Brown

        I learned how to drive when I was in my first year of college. And I have been driving ever since. Not just city driving but long drives too whenever we would visit my grandmother in La Union.  Fact is, I love driving. I find it therapeutic (go figure) especially when I'm driving alone. It's like my "me time". But with traffic getting worse and worse here in the Philippines, we spend more not only on fuel, but more time is wasted on the road. So finding a good car that is eco-friendly but runs really smoothly would be... well... perfect. And I may have just found that car! The Chevrolet Captiva!

        I had the privilege of test-driving it for my dad's birthday weekend. So I was able to check out its awesome powers! 

Chevrolet Captiva

        Fortunately that fine Saturday was the exact day of my Dad's birthday. So we made a day of it and went for an out-of-town celebration! Here's me and my family off to pick up the celebrant and my sister. Rain sits happily in her car seat (making a funny face apparently).

Chevrolet Captiva with car seat

        The middle seat is very spacious. Even with my daughter's bulky car seat in the middle, there's still some comfortable spaces for two more people.  

Chevrolet Captiva middle seats

        The seats per se feel really comfy. In fact, they feel as comfortable as the front seats (which usually have more comfortable cushioning than the middle and the back seats as I've noticed in older cars.)

Chevrolet Captiva

Everybody happy and comfy!

Chevrolet Captiva luggage space

        The back of the car on the other hand has more than enough space for huge luggage and stuff. We didn't have any because it was just a day trip. But we could have gone shopping at Duty Free and we'd still have a lot of space. 

Chevrolet Captiva foldable back seat

But look...With just a simple tug on the handles, TADAAA! Back seats appear like magic!

Chevrolet Captiva back seat

        Two more people can fit here at the back. The leg room is a bit tight though. This is more for petite people. Which was perfect because Rain's yaya is petite. But anyway, I think it's awesome that they have cup holders at the back. (Do not underestimate cup holders! Because of it, one can easily hold their burgers without worrying if their drinks will spill).

Chevrolet Captiva back

        And even with the back seats set up, there's still some room for a little grocery, small bags, or perhaps maybe one umbrella-type toddler stroller.

Chevrolet Captiva tool compartment

Flip the bottom panel and you'll see the tool compartment.

Chevrolet Captiva interior

        Let's go back to the front. You'll see how spacious it is as well. And if you look closely, no hand breaks! It took me a while to get used to this one. I'm so used to pulling up the hand break when I park. But the hand break is replaced by a tiny button which I forgot to take a close up photo of.  Electronic parking breaks!

Chevrolet Captiva head unit

        What's perfect for long drives? The Captiva's amazing head unit which not only provides you entertainment with radio, mp3, and videos, but is also basically an android device. Needless to say, you can do a lot of things with it.

Chevrolet Captiva Head Unit

        The screen is touch screen. It has Bluetooth capabilities so you can pair it with your smartphone and make calls through the head unit, and hear the other end of your call through the car's surround speakers. This makes it safer to make very important calls hands-free if you really need to while driving. When you purchase the Captiva I think you will get 1 or 2 months free Globe internet for the car. So the head unit can pretty much do things your tablet can do. Waze, Spotify, or even surf if I'm not msitaken. And plus, every time you reverse, the screen turns to the rear camera so you can easily wiggle your way in when you park without bumping into something. There's even an indicator for when you should stop.

Chevrolet GPS

The Captiva's head unit also has a built-in navigation function.

Chevrolet Captiva

So with all of these cool stuff, off we went! Through SLEX, to SCTEX, on our way to Subic!

Chevrolet Captiva

        I love how the steering wheel has accessible buttons for the high-tech head unit. From the steering wheel, you can access the volume buttons, seek button to scan music or stations, and also the mode button (for switching between radio to mp3, etc.). There are also buttons for the aircon power. With all of this on the steering wheel, you can always have your eyes on the road.

Chevrolet Captiva

        Aside from the cool features of the car, I would have to say that the engine is the biggest turn-on for me. I really really admire how it runs. It runs really well that the whole time that I was driving, I couldn't help but wonder if this was indeed running on diesel.  It really runs smooth. Smooth because of its unique soft ride suspension system and four-link independent rear suspension system.

        And the speed? FAST! You can really feel the power when you step on the gas. Seriously. I was glad I was able to test it on big highways that way I could really feel the power. I honestly felt that I was already going fast (the safe kind of fast of course) but at the same time the pedal wasn't even reaching the floor yet. Plus, compared to all the other diesel cars I've driven, this one is quieter. Usually diesel engines are noisy and has that rattling sound. And have less engine power. This one is totally the opposite. Quiet yet powerful.

Chevrolet Captiva ECO mode

        Another thing I love about the Captiva is its practicality. We didn't really encounter any traffic on our way to Subic. But when you do encounter traffic, all you need to do is touch this ECO button and the machine turns into eco mode, making the car burn less gas. Talk about practicality!

        My husband has been driving since he was in high school. From Antipolo to Manila every weekdays for school. So now he has grown tired of driving. But driving the Captiva back to Manila, he totally agrees with me that it's really a good car. Excellent power, but at the same time you save a lot on gas because it's diesel, and you save even more with the ECO mode. 

Chevrolet Captiva Brown

        Cool high tech functions that make driving easier, really smooth and powerful running engine, and of course, a very classy and handsome exterior. It's got that wow factor when you see it drive by. All in all, I'd say this is one car I'd definitely get on board with! And if I were to purchase a car right now, this would be on top of my list. Seriously.

For more in-depth details on the machine and stuff, visit the official website at

Twitter: @chevroletph
Instagram: @chevyphilippines


  1. Gosh Rins, parang gusto ko nito! Love the android head unit, even more so, the car being spacious and its eco mode. And yes, I agree with you on cup holders! Also, hate the sound of cars running on diesel as well. With that, this will seriously haunt me for days. Thank you for sharing this post. I hope you could blog more about cars! Will use it for reference 'coz I always trust your judgement :)

    1. Yedy! Pa-sakay when you buy ha? ;-) Hahahahaha! We seriously really loved this car. Kung may pang bili lang now, I would! Hahahaha! :-) Ang galing talaga ng hatak ng makina parang hindi diesel and like I said hindi maingay :-)

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