Friday, October 16, 2015

My First Set of Baby Stuff Cleaners: Cycles and Cradle


        No I don't mean the house of a bird. Nesting, in pregnancy world, means that phase where pregnant women suddenly has this very strong urge to get obsessed about something as preparation for the coming baby. It's different per person. Some like to clean all day, some like to organize cabinets, or prepare the nursery, etc.

The nursery. 4 years ago.
        I, on the other hand,  was obsessed with buying onesies (and receiving hand-me-downs too) for Rain when I was pregnant. Then I would fix the new cabinet my Dad had made for Rain and fix all the unfamiliar baby products I received from Mom Expo at that time. (I'm a first time mom so everything looked so alien to me) 

        So with all those baby clothes, I was going to have to wash them before Rain was born. And at that time I learned that I couldn't just use any laundry soap for those newborn clothes. I needed a gentle laundry soap. Something that could never hurt a baby's sensitive skin. That's when I found Cycles on the shelf of a supermarket.

Cycles laundry products

        Pastel colored box and bottles with a cute font and cute clothesline drawing. Of course it immediately caught my attention. And on the top it says hypoallergenic. phosphate free. "SAFE detergent for baby's sensitive skin". Of course, I was sold! And the good impression didn't only apply to the packaging. I really fell in love with it as soon as I used it on Rain's clothes. That mild fragrant smell even made me fall in love with it more. This product is definitely specially made for babies.

        Another thing that clueless first-time moms must remember is that you also can't just use any dish washing soap for your baby's bottles. Nope. This is particularly even more important because it's something they put in their mouth. So you have to be absolutely sure that you only use baby-safe cleaning solutions for baby bottles and nipples.

Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleaner

        And when I saw this Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleaner, I was amazed! Because this bottle soap is actually made from NATURAL and EDIBLE ingredients. And yes. No harsh chemicals!!! You can be 100% sure your baby bottles will not have any unwanted harmful chemical residue in it. And to top it off, the smell is amazing!!!! Smells like a really good smelling syrup-ish type of fragrant. Sorry I don't know how else to explain it. (Take note though that as always, you need to sterilize your baby's bottles still) You can learn more facts here.

cradle toy and surface cleaner

        A few months later, Rain grew a little bit from a helpless infant to a chubby always smiling baby who can crawl and pretty much "taste" all of her toys. And by taste I mean put in her mouth. ( Can't blame them. It's how they explore things). At this stage, it's nerve-wrecking to keep washing baby toys that fall on the floor just to have Rain throw it back again. So imagine my relief when I saw this Cradle toy and surface cleaner. It's a spray cleaner that has natural anti-bacterial agents that you spray and wipe on your baby's toys, so it will be safe to give it back to your baby should she feel like putting it in her mouth again.

new born sleepingCycles baby

4 years later

        I learned about (and used) these amazing mommy must-haves more or less 4 years ago. This year, Cycles is already in their 10th year of providing the utmost care for your little ones. Through the years, Cycles and Cradle has been part of my grocery list. But funnily enough, it was only a few months ago when I learned that this product is actually locally made! Not bad! Really not bad at all! 

Cycles lotion and top to toe wash

        Now,  my already-kinder girl has been using this Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion and Baby Head-to-Toe Wash for the past weeks :-) Very mild but effectively cleans!

Cycles mosquito repellent

Cycles Sensitive also has safe mosquito repellent products. And of course, you guessed it. SAFE!

Cycles Diaper Cream

        They also have this Protective Diaper Cream. Too bad I wasn't able to try this one since Rain is potty-trained (YAAAAY!)

Rain at 3 months (I think.) Curled up on her laundry washed with Cycles! Smells good!

        The neurotic mom in me wants to thank EVEolution, Inc. for your utmost love and care  when it comes to babies.  I'm not sure how I would have done without these safe, sensible, and effective products. Because when it comes to our little ones, you are definitely right that there is no compromise when it comes to their safety.  

Happy 10th Anniversary Cycles and Cradle!!! 

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  2. In Winter season baby needs lotion for its skin. Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion is good lotion for a child. Thanks for helping review.

    1. Thank you for sharing your tip! We live in a tropical country so we don't experience winter here. But will still be very helpful for travels and for months that are a bit cooler here :-) Thank you also for reading the post! :-)

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  5. How nice. By the way, what bottle products did you buy? I was using Avent baby products recently.

    1. Hi Jasmine! Rain's first set of bottles were Playtex (see post here: mainly because a fried gave 2 pcs as a gift during my baby shower so I decided to stick with the brand for a while. But honestly after a long time of using them, they become prone to leaks, especially the bottom part once the rubber vent discs become older (I guess). AVENT is also very nice. But if you ask me now, my choice would be Chicco. Basically because there's less parts. And they're very tough :-) Hope this helps! :-)

    2. How long have you been using Chicco? Avent yung ginamit ng eldest ko. Thanks for letting me know, I might try that for my second one (still on my tummy). Pero I'm planning to breastfeed my little one until 2 years of age :) Kaya I've been loading muna with healthy pregnant food.

    3. Wow siguro mga 3 years na. Still in good shape. Of course the nipples I change pag nabubutas (when Rain bites it) but in fairness the silicon nipples of Chicco are very firm and matibay:)

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