Tuesday, November 10, 2015

22 Prime Steak House At Discovery Suites Ortigas

Meat eater

        22 Prime is a gorgeous steak house situated on the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites Ortigas. This is where we had a very delicious dinner during our amazing overnight stay there. Judging from the cover photo I used, you can say we had a fantastic time, especially my Picky husband!

Prime 22 Steak House

But first, a little tour! The place is classy but not the intimidating type. Here's the reception area...

Prime 22 Steak House

I love the couch areas. Looks formal but still relaxing while maintaining a classy feel.

Prime 22 Bar

And this is the bar area.

Prime 22 Steak House

        We were seated by the far left side which was nice because it has a bit more privacy. It has low lighting which makes it perfect for romantic dates, or formal business dinners.

Table for two Prime 22 Steak house

        If you're planning a romantic proposal, this table for two by the corner is perfect! There's even a curtain that you can have closed if you want some more privacy. Plus you still get a view of the city from the huge window by the corner.

wine rack

A beautiful wine rack completes the classy feel.

The Food

dinner time

Seems like they're discussing hard on what to order. So let's move on to the glorious food!

complimentary bread

        While waiting for your order, we were served complimentary bread with 3 spreads: Sun-dried tomato, Feta in balsamic saice, and an herbed butter. I liked combining the Feta and the butter.

Lobster Bisque

        Then to warm our tummies, we had the Lobster Bisque (P395). I practically licked my bowl clean. Such a hearty soup that's so rich in flavor. No fishy taste! It's made with fresh lobster, with micro greens and tomato herb croutons. Rain also really liked it as well, and yes, even The Pickiest Eater himself who doesn't normally eat lobsters. I would order this again!

Miso Glazed Black Cod

        Next we had the Miso Glazed Black Cod (P750) and it was fantastic! The cod was cooked so perfectly that you'll wonder if it's actually fish you're eating. It looks like a small serving but the Cod is actually thick (but so soft!) so it's actually very filling. I was seriously getting full by this time. The cod is laying in a bed of cilantro-infused red mountain rice, bok choy, cauliflower puree, shitakes, and a really good soy caramel glaze! It's got a great balance of salty and sweet. Just perfect!

Tomahawk ribeye

        Then they brought out these! The star of the night's feast! Prime's Tomahawk! This is under the "For Sharing" menu. It is 500 grams and is good for two (P4,500) To see how big they actually are, scroll back up to my cover photo of Richie! :-)

Tomahawk ribeye

        Because this steak deserves a close up! Look at this gorgeous huge chunk of meat! RAWR! It's USDA Prime Angus Bone in Ribeye, with grilled asparagus and tomato parmesan gratin, 3 types of house steak sauce...

Truffle Potato Mousseline

        ...and served with this delicious and fluffy Truffle Potato Mousseline. This is really good! I love anything with truffle!

Tomahawk ribeye

And inside? A perfect pink! The waiter did the cutting for us.

Tomahawk ribeye

 Richie really appreciated the meat-to-fat ratio. I did too! I mean who wouldn't?!

Fried chicken with gravy

        The kids on the other hand, since we knew they wouldn't really appreciate the fancy food yet, they had something that is part of the in-room dining menu. But I'm telling you, this chicken in particular was really good! The skin is super crispy and flavorful (almost like pork rind) but the meat inside is juicy! Smother it in gravy and it's heaven! It was so god that I frequently saw Richie stealing some from Rain's plate. (Me too actually)

Italian Spaghetti

Then they also had spaghetti. Good too but it's more on the acidic side (Italian style). 

salted caramel cheesecake

        And for dessert, the chef surprised us with this special delicious salted caramel cheesecake! It's not really part of the menu.

        If you ask me, 22 Prime is an ideal place for special occasions with great food that is not pretentious and is just plain delicious. Would I go back? Definitely! I'm dying to try their Black Truffle Risotto, and Richie wants to try all of their sandwiches! And he means ALL! (See menu below!)

With Celine and Sarah of Discovery Suites, and the Moomy Musings Family!

        Prime 22 is located at the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites Ortigas. See their 2-bedroom suite and other amenities during our sleepover here.
 Thank you again so much Celine and Sarah for this wonderful weekend!!!

        Discovery Suites Ortigas is located along 25 ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 719-8888, email rsvn@discovery.com.ph or visit http://www.discoverysuites.com. Also, like Discovery Suites on Facebook, and follow them in Instagram: @discoverysuites !

22 Prime Menu


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