Friday, November 6, 2015

A Day in Eat Bulaga! Broadway Centrum

Eat Bulaga LIVE Broadway Centrum

       I wasn't going to blog about my trip to Eat Bulaga yesterday morning, but I had such a great time that I was excited to write about it instead! Thanks to our fellow KTG blogger friend Jazmin from EricJazFoodies , (the crazy husband and wife blogger tandem hehe) as she happens to work for TAPE Inc. She hooked me and my cousins up to watch live on Brodway Centrum for #ALDUB16thWeeksary ! I personally suggested to schedule it on a Thursday because of their weeksary. But we were thinking that it was also possible that Alden Richards would be at the Barangay as well for Kalyeserye to "celebrate". But we still went for it.

        Jaz said that even if the show starts at noon, we had to be there before 10AM. So beating the buzzer, we arrived at around 9:20 AM, parked in front of Broadway Centrum (yes, surprisingly there were still a lot of parking slots at that time), then we practically inhaled our drive-thru breakfast from McDo, and by 9:30 AM, we dashed inside Broadway Centrum.

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        This was the crowd that greeted us. Apparently even if you're on the guest list, everyone has to wait on the first level and wait for the guy holding the megaphone to call your group. They call the group by the contact person who invited you. In our case, it was Jaz. I got a peek of the list and saw that it was a long one! And and each name on that list had God knows how many guests. As they call your group, you'll fall in line. So after what seemed like forever (because we were so excited), we heard "JAZ YAP". My cousins and I shot up our hands excitedly! And after a few seconds, our line was let in. (Later on I observed that around 90% of all these people were actually on the guest list. That's how fully-booked they can get!)

Check Point # 1

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        By the bottom of the stairs, 2 staffs had the same copy of the guest list, checking each group as we enter. They also gave us Eat Bulaga stamps on our wrists. I felt like I was entering a fun theme park! Which in a sense was true. Then we all headed on upstairs.

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum East Side Studio

Here we go!

        But wait! You need to check your bag to make sure you're not bringing in any of the forbidden items:

1.) Anything sharp including pens, and abanico fans.
2.) Any food or beverages including mint candies (This was a challenge for me during at this time because I actually still have sore throat. But I made it through!)
3.) Plus of course the obvious ones like weapons of any kind.

        But these were pretty much the big no nos. On the left side of the entrance you will see a package counter where you can leave these items, get a number, and then retrieve it back after the show.

Check Point # 2:

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        Before entering the very entrance of the East Side studio, you'll get checked by another set of guards to make sure you're clear to go in. And then you'll be greeted by this area where Alden usually hangs out to emote about him and Maine :-)

Check Point # 3

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        This is the final check point. Just before going inside the studio per se, another guard with a copy of the guest list re-checks your group, and then a production staff assists you to your seats. 

I wasn't expecting to be seated in the area where we were led to...


Front row seats Eat Bulaga

        The stage was literally touching our knees! We were seated on the very right side, which was perfect because this is where all the stars go in and out! AWESOME!!!! See Baby Baste in the backrground hehe.

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

Our view!

Pabebe wave Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

Pabebe wave! Hello Eat Bulaga!

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

The very packed Eat Bulaga Studio!

        Very few people know this but I used to work as a PA (Production Assistant) in Broadway Centrum for Eat Bulaga way back in 2005 for a couple of months. So thinking about it, this means the last time I was at this very studio was 10 years ago! Wow! No wonder so much has changed already inside the studio. For one, they extended the audience area, which is where we were seated. Before, it used to be just the bleachers on top. There was no elevated satellite stage in the middle as well. The studio, albeit old, still had good air-conditioning. So if you have low tolerance for cold temperature, best to bring a shawl. My nephew Anton wore his jacket the whole time. 

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        Then this guy appeared which seemed like he had one of the best jobs among the EB staff. His responsibility is to orient the audience to always be lively when the show starts, how to clap,  what to do for certain segments, and also to keep them entertained while the performers were practicing onstage. He loves doing his Ruffa Mae Quinto impersonation while doing a lot of interactions with the audience.

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        Each audience of legal age were given these huge numbers. This was for the segment ATM with the Bae, wherein the audiences have a chance to win when your number gets picked.


SOS Eat Bulaga

        Everyone was handed their own S.O.S that you can take home after the show. It stands for Sandata On Sakuna. This is not just a handy giveaway, but is for emergency purposes.

Eat Bulaga Instructional Video

        A few minutes before the show, they played an instructional video on all the big screens on what to do in case of an earthquake or whatever. They showed which exits each audience group should walk calmly too, etc. I thought it was cute that they used the production staff to point out the exit points, like how a stewardess does before taking off.

LIVE in 3...2...1

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum


And the crowd goes wild!!!!

        Finally it was time! Pauleen Luna, Ryan Agoncillo, Pia Guanio, Patricia Tumulak, Allan K. and Anjo Yllana came out from the host room and went to the satellite stage to open the show. Pauleen Luna looks breath-taking in person! Pia looks gorgeous and really fit especially considering she's a mother of a 3 year old baby, and needless to say Patricia was really stunning!

Eat Bulaga Hosts

        Aside from the front-row seats, I would say the next best seats in the house are right by the satellite stage. Because most of the time, the hosts are there. 

        The rest of the show was kind of a blur. There was Bulaga Pa More with celebrity guests Icee Mendoza and Ate Gay...

Spogify Nov 5 2015Spogify Nov 5 2015


 Tito, Vic, and Joey, Allan K

And then finally Juan for All, All for Juan Segment wherein KalyeSerye is under! Wooohoooooo!!!!!


        Unfortunately, like I said in the beginning, since it was AlDub's weeksary, there's a great chance that Alden Richards would be on site with the Lolas and Maine. So we watched him through the huge screens. It was still fun! ...

Tia Bebeng Kalye Serye

        ...Especially because they finally revealed who the much-awaited "Tia Bebeng" character was. Gloria Romero!!! Galing!

        Anyway, Juan for All, All For Juan / KalyeSerye is the part when the cameras show the audiences' reactions while watching. Hence a chance to appear on national television! And because I knew that I won't always get the chance to watch live, I made sure to make the MOST out of it!:

Rina on Kalyeserye

Rina on Kalyeserye

Rina on Kalyeserye

        O, HA? ;-) Hahaha! So when you're among the live audiences, make sure you always flash your mega-watt smile, and just show how much fun you're having! ;-) Watch the 7-part video of this episode here.


EB Babe Molly Eat Bulaga

EB Babe Molly, who also happens to be Richie's friend from way back when :-) And excellent dancer! Super pretty too!

Baby Baste Eat Bulaga

Baby Baste was always running around the studio!

Baste and brother

His little bro was also there! :-)

Patricia HBD Girl Eat Bulaga

Patricia getting ready for her Happy Birthday segment

Patricia Eat Bulaga

        Selfie with Patricia! After this shot, she said she liked the camera I was using (Canon D7X). She even held the camera and checked it out. I told her how awesome it was. And she took a mental note of the model number. So yeah in my head we're like BFF now.

Julia Clarete Eat Bulaga

Photo with Julia! Thanks Bruce Strong for taking this photo! :-) And thanks Jaz for making endorsing us to him hehehe ;-)

Pauline Luna Eat Bulaga

And also of this photo with pretty and flawless Pauline! She seems really nice! :-)

Pauline Luna and Pia Guanio

Pauline and Pia chatting. I was a bit bummed we didn't get to take a photo with Pia.

Ryan Agoncillo

Selfie with Ryan Agoncillo! :-)

Tito Sotto

Tito Sotto saying Hi to Baste's family

Mang Rene Eat Bulaga

And of course a photo with Bruce Strong hehehe :-) Thanks again po!

Pabebe wave Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

        After one last segment which was the A.T.M. with the Bae, the show was over. So we rushed to the center of the stage to take a parting shot! Thanks Jaz again for having us on your guest list!!! :-) 

Pabebe wave Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

Pabebe wave goodbye :')

Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

Photo at the "garden"

Aldub standee

Lola Nidora standee

Oh, and don't forget to buy your souvenirs!

Aldub shirts

Aldub shirts are available beside the package counter...

Preview Magazine

And Preview magazines are on sale by the lobby!


  1. wow bilis ng blogpost Ms. Rina! i'm so inggit. wish I could bring my kids there by next year. pa-7th birthday treat ko sa baby girl ko. :)

    1. Actually ever since Aldub it's even harder to get a slot. Fully-booked na talaga sila in advanced palagi:-( Swinerte lang din kami talaga at naisingit kami :-)

  2. Hi Ms.Rina pwede po kayang makabili ng Preview Magazine kahit di studio audience? kasi wala na po ako mahanap sa mall. try ko sanang mag-drop by. thanks pasagot po

    1. Hi Belinda. Yes definitely! Hindi kelangan studio audience because the stall is outside the studio sa may ground floor of Broadway Centrum ;-) Buy na!:-)

    2. Thank you Ms.Rina. Try kong pumunta after lunch, sana may available pa. hehe tatakas lang ako from office.

  3. One more question Ms.Rina, how to make reservation to watch live in broadway? May nagsabi sa akin na kung dalawa lang kaming manood, dapat may kasama kaming galing abroad with a proof from passport? good thing kasi uuwi yung bf ko sa Jan. Effective din bang magpareserve thru phone? Paano po ba? kung wala po kaming kakilala sa eat bulaga, kaya walang magaaccomodate sa amin as guests. please answer thank you

    1. Hi Belinda! This is what I know... walk-in audiences line up as early as 3AM in Broadway. (YES 3 AM! Kalerky!) But the others naman like in our case, we were very lucky na nagkaroon ng extra slots so my friend was able to put us on the guest list. But ever since the Aldub phenomenon, super booked na sila palagi kaya super hirap na :-( As for balikbayan guests, I'm not really sure but what you can do is call 721-2222 Broadway for more information ;-)

  4. Hi po diba po meron pong mga nasa labas lng,ano po yun part din po ba yun ng audience???

    1. Hello! Yes I guess pag super puno na inside, tapos minsan may scenes na gagawin sa labas. Madaming nagsstay dun din sa labas to watch :)

  5. And ano pong mga requirements para makapasok???pls answer po

    1. No requirements :) If hindi part ng guest list, pila kayo as early as you can. I heard some people line up as early as 3AM! :-o And then like I mentioned in my blog post, bawal mag pasok ng food sa loob. Even candy or bottled water. So make sure you have a heavy breakfast before going there to watch :)

    2. Mahirap po bang makapasok doon kapag walang kakilala???pls answer po......

    3. Mahirap po bang makapasok doon kapag walang kakilala???pls answer po......

  6. Hi po diba po meron pong mga nasa labas lng,ano po yun part din po ba yun ng audience???

  7. Hi po! Do you think that giving a letter to any personnel there would give us a reservation? We are balikbayan and we're planning to go on January. Thanks!!

    please email me at


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