Monday, November 9, 2015

At Discovery Suites for a Spooky Halloween Adventure

Discovery Suites A SPooky Halloween Adventure

        When you have a little 4 year old girl who weirdly enough loves Halloween , you immediately say YES to a fun Halloween Party invitation. And that's exactly what we did when we got an invite at Discovery Suites Ortigas. Upon entering the lobby, you can immediately tell that these people take Halloween seriously too!

        For one, they have this huge Halloween display on the lobby. Complete with lighting and everything. And to make sure it's not too scary for the kids, they made Halloween look cute and cuddly with their Hotel Transylvania-themed Halloween which I will show you later. In the meantime, we went upstairs to settle in our room, and change Rain into her costume. 

Mermaid and witch costume
        Rain is dressed up as a good little witch! And when we were on our way down, we bumped into Mommy Blogger Glaiza and her cute daughter Noa, the little mermaid! So we all went down together. I was so happy that finally Rain had a buddy for the weekend since she's an only child and there's no other kid in the house.

Discovery Suites Hallowee sold out

        When we went down, we saw that there were already a lot of people lining up to register. The tickets were actually sold out!

Spooky Halloween Tickets

        Got our tickets! Each ticket includes stubs for free popcorn, cotton candy, loot bag, and for the snack buffet.

Restaurant 5 Halloween

        After getting the loot bags filled with snacks, we rode the elevator up to the 5th floor to have a spooky snack at Restaurant 5. The whole place was covered in Halloween decor, and the staff are all in costumes too! And the food? Creepy yet delicious!

Ghost sliders

Ghost sliders...

Lasagna Cemetery

Bloody chicken finger

Bloody Chicken Finger (by the way I'm making the names up as I go. 
But they're pretty much the gist)

Pigs in a mummy bandage

Pigs in a mummy bandage

Halloween pizza

And ghostly looking pizza.

Ghost bread sticks

And for dessert, there's Ghost bread sticks,

Dracula cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake ala Dracula

Halloween dessert

And lots more spooky cake.

Costume party

These two were checking out all the other kids wearing Halloween costumes. Hahaha! So cute!

Costume party

But they loosened up after a bit after they've been fueled with yummy food!

Magic Show

Magic Show

        After snack time, we again rode the elevator up to the 22nd floor where there was a magic show waiting for us. The kids really had a blast watching the magician, laughing their hearts out!

Discovery Suites Ortigas Halloween

Rain obviously enjoyed it too!

        At the side of the function room was a face-painting area and a nail art area. All for free! But wait, it's not over yet! 

Discovery Suites Ortigas Halloween

        After the magic show, we all headed up to the spiral stair case just across the hall to see the spooky halloween booths created by different departments of the hotel staff.

Halloween booth

        We walked through the dark hall for a fun Halloween booth tour, Hotel Transylvania-inspired! And I have to say we were reallly impressed with the booths! The booths are based on the different parts of a hotel:

Hotel Transylvania costume

Hotel Lobby (Photo courtesy of Discovery Suites Ortigas)

Hotel Transylvania costume

Hotel Bar (I think..)

Spooky kitchen

Hotel Kitchen

Discovery Suites OrtigasHotel Transylvania booth

Hotel Bedrooms

Cementery design

And a Cementery!

activity booths

                    And then another room was filled with different activities for kids to play!

Restaurant 5 Discovery Suites Ortigas

        We all really had fun at Discovery Suite Ortigas' Spooky Halloween Adventure! I wonder what they have in store for next year? Great job everyone! Thank you so much Celine fror inviting us! Thank you for putting smiles in our children's faces, and loads of snacks in their tummies!

Check out their beautiful 2-bedroom suite on my previous post here!

        Discovery Suites Ortigas is located along 25 ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 719-8888, email or visit Also, like Discovery Suites on Facebookand follow them in Instagram: @discoverysuites !


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