Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dunlopillo Could Be A Mom's Best Friend!

Patty Laurel
Patty Laurel passionately sharing her experiences as a Mom
        One fine day, inside the cozy 3 bedroom suite of Ascott BGC, we were all gathered around in the nice living room reminiscing about how we used to take sleeping for granted before we all became moms. Along with event host Patty Laurel, Kelly Misa, and Cat Arambulo, we all shared different experiences on little our sleeping hours have become. Seriously, all the young girls out there and couples who don't have a child yet. GET ALL THE SLEEP YOU CAN! Because as they say, the struggle is real! 

Kelly Misa and Cat Arambulo
Kelly Misa and Cat Arambulo sharing funny experiences
        When you start having a family, more often than not, you're the first one awake, and you're also the last one to sleep. Because being a mom is the toughest job in the world. There's midnight feeding for moms with infants, and in my case, when Rain needs to go potty in the middle of the night or early early morning. Or if she wants milk in the middle of the night.  

Dunlopillow mattress

        That being said, we really need to take sleep seriously. Since half of our lives we spend sleeping anyways, we need to make sure we have a bed with good quality and that will make you feel really comfortable throughout the night. Giving you no body aches of any kind. So if you're looking for a great quality mattress, one of your best bets would be Dunlopillo. A brand that is well-known in over 70 countries worldwide. 

Dunlopillo mattress

        Dunlopillo has been in the bed business since forever, doing scientific research and innovation for over 85 years. So you can say they know what they're doing. Dunlopillo provides superior comfort and support for every body type. And this year, they launched a new line of mattresses to make sure sleep time and even family bonding time becomes more comfortable. Dunlipillo mattresses come in different designs with different height, and levels of support (Catleya, Decora, and Lucia).

Dunlipillo mattress

So let's take a look at what's inside a Dunlopillo mattress that makes it so special...

Dunlopillo normablock

        First there's the Normablock. The Normablock is this special innerspring system. You'll notice that the coils are continuous if you look at it closely. Because of this, it provides proper elasticity, total resilience which brings the bed back into shape, and high durability.  Not only that but it allows for a greater body support, whatever body type you may have. This also means that a kid jumping up and down on the bed and a mother trying to nap can co-exist on the same bed because the weight is evenly distributed. No partner disturbance!

Talalay latex

        Next is the special latext that they use called Talalay latex. It is very durable, breathable (notice the holes?) and relieves pressure. It is actually extracted from the bark of the Hevea tree Brasilensis.

        Because the Talalay latex is lighter, more resilient, more porous, and pliable, this means that Dunlopillo is more adaptable to the contours of any body type. Hence, it is healthier because it gives the correct support for the spine. And because of the open cells, it's very breathable.

        And last but not the least, moms would be thrilled to know that Dunlopillo is best for their kids because the Talalay latex is made from hypoallergenic material, plus it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which immediately kills bacteria and fungi, and dust mites too! Not to mention it is durable so it will last for 10 years! 

Dunlopillo mattress

The Normablock spring is on the bottom part, and the Talalay latex is on the top.  Therefore you will never feel the springs even after years and years of using it. With Dunlopillo mattress, you will have the best sleep every night!

Dunlopillo pillow

Dunlopillo also has comfy pillows which is made from the same Talalay latex of course ;-)

Dunlopillo's latest Normablock collection is available in their following showrooms: 

1.) #16 Acropolis Commercial Area
     E. Rodriguez  Jr. Ave.
     Libis, Quezon City

2.) EDSA Cubao

3.) MC Home Depot, Fort Branch

For more updates, follow #Dunlopillo moments on:
Instagram: @dunlopilloph


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