Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lola Cafe+Bar's New Menu!

Lola Cafe QC

        A few weeks ago, Richie came home raving about this restaurant he tried in Quezon City. He couldn't stop telling me all about the dishes he tried there. It was this place in Sct. Lozano QC called Lola Cafe+Bar with their new menu by Executive Chef Jonvic Mangibin . Intrigued, I went with him to try it for myself and found out he was right! The dishes there are really rave-worthy!

Lola Cafe QC

        Lola Cafe was a residential house converted into a restaurant. There's a good sized parking space on their lot. The sign is quite small so you have to keep an eye out for the Lola signage.

 Lola Cafe QCLola Cafe QC 

It's quite cozy inside. I could imagine this place when it was still a residential house. And I liked it!

Lola Cafe QC
Lola Cafe QC

Inside of the house itself are more tables and chairs, the counter, and the bar.

Long table

        We stayed by the second floor where they arranged for one long table for us and our blogger friends. I can imagine taking balikbayan relatives here!


Cauliflower Fritos

        We started with the Cauliflower Fritos (P230). At first it looked like chicken. We thought it was chicken, It was really good! You won't realize that t's actually cauliflower until you bite into it.

Cauliflower Fritos

        It's battered cauliflower, sweet soy glaze, sesame seeds, squeezed with lime. If I were a vegetarian this is what I would eat!

Chicken Liver Tostada

        Another good appetizer is the Chicken Liver Tostada (P195) This addicting pate is liver and bacon crisp.

Alugbati and Kesong Puti

        For the salad, we tried the Alugbati and Kesong Puti (P200 solo /  P310 sharing). It's a fresh salad with charred alugbati, roasted carrots and beets, and tossed with aged balsamic. I love salads with balsamic dressings!

Bone Marrow Sisig

        This! This was one of the highlights of the menu! Bone Marrow Sisig (P275). I KNOW RIGHT?! It's one of the most interesting ingredients I've tried. It's grilled pork jowl with roasted bone marrow, garlic crumble, and kamias jam.

Bone Marrow Sisig

 Scoop up a serving, make sure you get pork and bone marrow on one scoop...

Bone Marrow Sisig

        Then put it on a tortilla chip, and munch away! If only I could eat this all day without my head hurting.


Molo Soup

        We further warmed our tummies with the Molo Soup (P295). This heart-warming soup has Chicken meatballs, saffron and annatto broth, bonito flakes, and kesong puti. Again, all the ingredients just work together!

Bacon Belly Batchoy

        For a heavier soup, try their Bacon Belly Batchoy (P320). Oh yeah! Ox tripe, sweet garlic broth, soft boiled egg, and look at that Braised bacon slab! A noodle soup has never been this sinfully delicious!


Tinapa Omelette

        This Tinapa Omelette (P235) is part of their merienda menu. Something you can order if you're looking for something lighter. But then again, this is so flavorful! It's Smoked fish, organic eggs, mixed greens, bonito flakes, Lola relish, grilled bread.

Black Palabok

        There's also the Black Palabok (P295). If you're a fan of squid ink, you will like this. It's glass noodles, prawns, squid, smoked fish floss, squid ink bisque, and soft boiled egg. Not your ordinary palabok!

Rice Bowls

1/4 Chicken Confit and Tinola Rice

        I would have to say, for me, another highlight of their menu are their rice bowls! Starting with this 1/4 Chicken Confit and Tinola Rice (P280). Think of it like a Hainanese chicken rice, Pinoy style~  It's ginger chicken, lemongrass rice pilaf, and green papaya.

Miso Salmon and Sinigang Rice

        Next is my favorite of them all! The Miso Salmon and Sinigang Rice (P320) has got that beautiful balance of sourness and a bit of sweetness from the tamarind and tomato rice. And then the juicy pan-seared Miso salmon! My oh my! Then topped with grilled vegetables! Drooling as I type! I want to go back and order this all for myself!

Main Entrees

Coconut Boneless Bangus

        The 2 main entrees that I tried were both excellent, I kid you not! If you're craving for fish, go for the Coconut Boneless Bangus (P430). Delicious boneless milkfish belly smothered in coconut and leek sauce, then topped with fried garlic! Extra rice please!

Brisket "Bistek" Tagalog

        And this Brisket "Bistek" Tagalog (P410) was also unforgettable! I would pair this with garlic rice! It's cured brisket with fried onions, garlic confit, soy-calamansi, and Lola relish!


Strawberries and Cream

        For dessert, we cleansed our pallets with this beautiful Strawberries and Cream (P150). A Meringue dessert with textures of strawberries, coconut-tarragon mouse.

Banoffee Pie

        But my favorite is the Banoffee Pie (P170). So comforting! A banana custard cream with peanut butter in graham crust. Yep! It's really good! And not too sweet too, believe it or not!

Executive Chef Jonvic Mangibin

        I would totally recommend Lola Cafe to anyone looking for a new place around Quezon City. And more so to balikbayans who miss Pinoy dishes but with an added twist! Excellent excellent menu, Chef Jon!!! Follow Lola Cafe on Facebook: Lola Cafe+Bar

Lola Cafe + Bar
99 Sct. Lozano
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.  (02) 5012620 / (0917) 8176045 / (02) 2193254

Operating Hours:
Mon-Thu:11:00 am-11:00 pm
Fri-Sat:11:00 am-1:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am-10:00 pm

Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Take Out, Catering and Outdoor Seating


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