Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our Discovery Suites Weekend!

Discovery Suite Ortigas

        During the Halloween week, we had the pleasure of staying at Discovery Suites Ortigas to also join their Halloween party! Rain being fond of Halloween, we immediately said yes! It was my first time inside Discovery Suites so I was amazed that this nice hotel existed just in front of Podium Mall. 

        You may want to check this out because the most-awaited long weekend on November is right around the corner, and Discovery Suites has a special offer waiting for you! Read on!

Discovery Suite Ortigas

As you enter, you will be greeted by their friendly and welcoming receipionists. The lobby is quite nice and spacious.

Discovery Suite Ortigas Halloween

        And because it was Halloween, the receptionists were all wearing Halloween costumes, Pretty cool! So in theme! But before the Halloween stuff (which is coming up on my next post), we checked in to our suite first. We were led to our floor, and then as soon as we opened the room, it took our breath away! See for yourself!

Discovery Suite Ortigas 2 bedroom suite

        It's a 2 bedroom suite! It's really beautiful and has got a lot of space! Here you can see the dining area and the living room at the end. But what you're not seeing here is the kitchen.

Discovery Suite Ortigas kitchen

        The kitchen is the first area to your right. And again, it's also very spacious! And it's got everything you'll need.

Discovery Suite Ortigas kitchen

Electric stove, oven, exhaust, kitchen utensils, 

Discovery Suite Ortigas kitchen

Microwave oven, oven toaster hot pot for coffee, and a refrigerator.

Discovery Suite Ortigas dining area

        Going back to the dining room, I like how they placed a huge mirror by the wall to make it look and feel bigger.

Discovery Suite Ortigas working desk

        I also like the fact that the living room has more than enough space for another working desk. Take note this is not the only working desk in the suite. So I could be blogging here and Richie could be blogging in the room.

Discovery Suite Ortigas living room

        Now let's step into the living room! There's enough space for us all to relax in and watch some telly!

Discovery Suite Ortigas living room

The living room comes with a flat screen TV, DVD player, and a component.

movie night

        So this is where Rain had a fun movie night watching a Barbie The Island Princess while nibbling on some popcorn!

Discovery Suite Ortigas one bedroom suite

Going back to the tour, here's the point of view from the living room.

Discovery Suite Ortigas bedroom

Moving on to the bedrooms. This is the first bedroom. It has 2 single beds...  

Discovery Suite Ortigas bedroom

There's a working desk, and a flat screen TV. 

Discovery Suite Ortigas bathroomDiscovery Suite Ortigas bathroom

This is the bathroom of the first bedroom. Not bad right? And huge too!

Discovery Suite Ortigas masters bedroom

        Then finally we move to the Master's Bedroom. The first thing  I noticed when I entered was the sweet surprise Celine and the rest of the marketing team left for us. A picture frame with our family photo! This really made me feel more at home!

Discovery Suite Ortigas masters bedroom

        This bedroom has a big bed. I'm not really sure of the bed size because it looks too big for a queen, but not sure also if this was a king. Point is, Richie, Rain, and I all fit comfortable in it! But wait a minute... there's another surprise!

embroidered pillow case

The pillows were personalized for us!

embroidered pillow case

Rain's was on the bed of the other room embroidered in pink! :-)

Discovery Suite Ortigas bedroom suite

 The Master's Bedroom also came with a flat screen TV...

 Discovery Suite Ortigas masters bedroom

Plus a very nice writing nook, and a day bed.

Discovery Suite Ortigas

        This is where Richie worked at night after the Halloween party, and had some bonding time with the little Rainbow.

 Discovery Suite Ortigas bathroomDiscovery Suite Ortigas bathroom 

The master's bathroom is even bigger! It has a shower area and a bathtub.

Jack o lantern cookiespineapple juice

        We enjoyed some pineapple juice and Halloween cookies while waiting until it was time to go down the lobby to register for the Halloween party!

Discovery Suite Ortigas Pool Area

        Discovery Suite has a pool by the 5th floor. It has a Jacuzzi too. It's a small space but in a way that's a good thing because this way, the life guards can easily save anyone in the pool that needs saving in just a matter of seconds.

Discovery Suite Ortigas Pool area

View from the other side.

And of course, a gym to burn all those calories from the buffet hehehe. (Photo grabbed from Frannywanny! Thanks Franny!) Speaking of buffet....

Breakfast at Restaurant 5

Restaurant 5 Discovery Suites

        For breakfast the next morning, we headed to Restaurant 5, the same floor as the pool area.

omelette station

There's an omelette station


And breakfast favorites like pancakes...

sticky buns

sticky buns...

bread station

Bread station..

cereal station

Cereal station...


        And of course, BACON!!! They actually have 2 platters of bacon. One for the crispy one, and one for the soft cooked ones. These and much much more!

Dinner at Prime 22 (A Sneak Peak)

Prime 22

Actually, Prime 22 is so good and such a nice experience that I want to make a separate post for this. But for now I will give you a little preview!


I know right?!?! Post coming soon! ;-)

Discovery Suite Ortigas

        Discovery Suites is really an awesome place to stay at if you want to have a relaxing staycation in a beautiful suite with a reasonable price, not to mention the very convenient location! Please stay tuned for my next Discovery Suites post: Our Halloween Weekend!!!

But wait! Don't close the tab just yet! Don't forget Discovery Suite's special offer!!!

The Special Offer

One Bedroom Discovery Suite Ortigas

        For the long weekend on November 16-22, 2015, you can take advantage of this special rate! A One-Bedroom Suite for half the price at Discovery Suites!!! This special offer is inclusive of the following:

  • Complimentary breakfast buffet for two at Restaurant 5, 
  • 10% discount on food and beverage 
  • and free access to the swimming pool and Balance Lifestyle Fitness Club! 

        Discovery Suites Ortigas is located along 25 ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 719-8888, email or visit http://www.discoverysuites.comAlso, like Discovery Suites on Facebookand follow them in Instagram: @discoverysuites !


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