Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wonderfilled: OREO Spreads the Spirit of Sharing

OREO Wonderfilled

        Last weekend, I attended OREO's very first activation event in Glorietta. And I say this whole hardheartedly that it is one experience that I will never forget! A truly #wonderfilled event that was more than just promoting the brand. It was about promoting the great value of SHARING.

OREO Wonderfilled

There was a good number of people there with their game faces on!

OREO Wonderfilled

        The mechanics were simple. Like the OREO Facebook page, pick a challenge, share a pack of OREO, take a photo, then publicly post it on your facebook with the hashtags #Wonderfilled and #ShareAnOreo.

OREO Wonderfilled

Wonder what I'll pick?

OREO Wonderfilled

"Share an OREO with a grandmother". With all my heart, YES! OF COURSE!


This cup of Mini Oreos  for you, Lola! :-)

OREO Wonderfilled

        Fortunately, nearby, there was a bench where a grandmother and a grandfather were sitting and resting. So I approached her and shared the cup of mini OREOS with her!

I just gave an OREO to a grandmother and she was touched receiving something wonderful from a complete stranger #wonderfilled #shareanoreo @oreoph
Posted by Rina's Rainbow on Thursday, November 12, 2015

,Facebook post, DONE!

OREO Wonderfilled

After doing my task, they led me over to the prize corner to pick my prize.

OREO Wonderfilled OREO Wonderfilled

        I picked an OREO coaster! I really loved it! It's made of rubber and it looks like an OREO cookie (of course).

OREO Wonderfilled

        It was that simple and that fast. All I did next was to leave a short but sweet message on the OREO wall.

OREO note

        It's true. OREO will always have a special place in my heart! You can see my other OREO posts at the end of this post.

OREO Wonderfilled

OREO Wonderfilled
Thank you OREO Philippines for having me!

#Wonderfilled Music Video

        If you haven't heard about it already, OREO also gathered different bands from different parts of Asia for Wonderfilled's music video collaboration. Wonderfilled is sort of OREO's theme song or anthem which is all about "sharing wonder with the world and learning to see things around you with positive curiosity".

        The band representative for the Philippines was Up Dharma Down. It's really nice! This song played in my head for days. Such a feel-good song with such simple but strong message.

Wonder If I Gave An Oreo 
(Would You Sing With Me?)
We could share some sweet melodies
And sing in harmony
Let’s forget our area codes
The way we speak
Or how we wear our clothes
It doesn’t matter to me
Just like a song
Music knows no boundaries
No colouring books or family trees
So won’t you sing along

But during the activation they also played ISANG LAHAT, written by Up Dharma Down for OREO.

        OREO is not just for family togetherness. It's all about being selfless. It's about sharing with other people, regardless if they're your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, or even complete strangers. It was really an amazing feeling doing a simple activity wherein I got to give something to someone without her expecting it. Definitely, giving makes your heart feel THIS BIG <3

Chocolate OREO

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