Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Enjoy Fast and Free Public WiFi in Serendra by GlobeGoWiFi!


Do you frequently hang out at Serendra?  If you do, do me a favor and try this:
  • Go to your wifi settings. Connect to GlobeGoWifi.
  • Open your phone's browser and you will be directed to a Globe welcome page
  • Enter your Globe mobile number
  • You will receive a verification code via SMS. Then enter the code in the portal to complete the registration
  • What happens next? FREE ONE HOUR INTERNET!!!
It's super fast public internet in Serendra! The Globe's GlobeGoWiFi!


        GlobeGoWiFi is a Premium WiFi service from Globe which is available already in Serendra BGC and more public places soon!

Jo Avila Photographer

        We were able to try the speed of Go WiFi last November 26 during a food styling and photography session at Chelsea Grand Cafe in Serendra with expert food photographer and Canon ambassador Jo Avilla. He taught us simple tips on taking good food shots even when you're just using your mobile phone. I found it t be really useful especially since I take the photos for our food blog, ThePickiestEater.net 

Jo Avilla Food Photography

        Jo Avilla did a demo on different food shots, from bad to great, using just his smartphone and a little led flashlight.

Jo Avilla

And then right after, he uploaded the photos on his Instagram.

Jo Avilla Instagram

With just a few seconds, it was up and we could all view it. So as you can see, uploading photos on Instagram through GlobeGoWiFi is really quick!


        To make things more fun, we were divided into groups and we needed to make a fun video of our moments during the food photography 101. And we needed to upload and post it on Facebook. I was relieved that my groupmate was Chuckie Dreyfus, a fellow KTG Member, and the owner and author of www.chuckiedreyfus.ph , who has a real knack for editing videos and photos using only his smartphone.After quickly editing, Chuckie was able to very quickly upload it on his YouTube account, and then shared on his FaceBook timeline. And he was able to do it without any problems with the Globe Go WiFi.

 Needless to say, we won! Woot woot! :-) Here's our group's video entry!

Gilberto Simpao Globe Telecom

        Gilberto Simpao, Globe's Senior Vice President of Consumer Broadband said the reason for the fast free public internet is they have enough back hole to support multiple connections. Unlike in some other malls with free internet but is super slow. Sometimes it doesn't even load anything at all.

        With GlobeGoWiFi, you have 60 minutes of free internet that you can use for the day. You can log out after a while and just resume until you've used up your 60 minutes. You can use any apps and surf through any website! There's no limit! Your free minutes will refresh the following day so you can have another hour of surfing once again.

In Serendra, these are the restaurants that have GlobeGoWiFi:

  1. Mogu Japanese Bar and Grill
  2. Gelatissimo Cafe
  3. Larry's Care Bar
  4. PowerBooks
  5. Saboten Japanese Outlet
  6. Zao Vietnamese Bistro
  7. Wang Fu Chinese Cafe
  8. Coldstone Creamery
  9. Lartizan Restaurant
  10.  Mary Grace
  11. Chelsea Grand Cafe
  12. Wee Nam Kee
  13. 8 Cuts Burger Blends
  14. Abe Balducci Ristorante
  15. Sentro 1771

        For more information and frequently asked questions, click here! And follow Globe on Facebook and Twitter: @talk2GLOBE
@iloveserendra #GlobeGoWiFi


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