Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Does a Dermaroller Do?

        Child birth is a wonderful thing! And each pain or scar left in our body will always be worth it, all for our little bundle of joy! But of course, I still kind of wish my stretch marks would go away magically.

        Apparently there are a lot of ways to treat stretch marks, pitted skin, and cellulite such as creams and cosmetic lasers.  And then there's the Dermaroller, which I only heard about recently. Apparently it's a heaven-sent because it's budget-friendly than other skin treatments, but still produces great results.

But first, it may be helpful if we first understand possible causes of skin issues.

What Causes Skin Issues

        Skin problems are the result of many things like icky toxins in our surroundings or too much sun exposure.  And of course, no matter how much we try to avoid the topic, aging is truthfully a major factor.  When our skin ages, it stops making enough collagen and elastins to rejuvenate the old cells.  It loses elasticity and the cells don't stick together well, leaving unsightly stretch marks. I guess it's the same as metabolism getting weaker as we age.  As our body gets older, the skin stops repairing itself as quick as it used to and wrinkles develop. It sucks. I know.

So What Exactly Does a Dermaroller Do?

        The Dermaroller uses a process called micro-needling or collagen induction therapy to promote skin reparation.  This simple-looking hand held device looks like a short rolling pin with numerous medical grade needles.  It is rolled across the surface of the skin to create tiny punctures (ouch?). Apparently, the body reacts to the punctures by going into repair mode.  In repair mode, collagen and elastin are produced in the actual pores of the skin and new cells are generated.  The result is thicker, tighter skin.

        The process of micro-needling is like acupuncture, but using multiple needles. The depth of the needles depends on what is being treated.  For deeper treatments, it is best to use it with a numbing cream to make it less uncomfortable. That is not really necessary for more superficial punctures.

What Skin Conditions Can Dermarollers Treat?

        The answer is quite a few. Various scar types can be treated, such as light surgical, light burn, and acne scarring (I totally need this!).  It may not remove them 100%, but it can help reduce them to be less noticeable.

        Wrinkles or stretch marks are not exactly a pretty sight, but thankfully with the Dermaroller, these are the most popular skin conditions treated it can treat.  Loving this more already.

How Long Does A Dermaroller Treatment Run For?

        Every procedure is different, depending on where on specific parts of the body that needs the treatment.  It go for as quick as ten minutes or a maximum of 45 minutes.  Plus of course, it depends on the severity of the skin issue.

        And of course, it also depends on the kind of results you wish to obtain.  With mild skin conditions, you may get noticeable results with just one treatment.  Scars and blemishes on the other hand will need multiple sessions.

        But as always, with any medical issues, always consult a medical expert before anything else. In this case, of course, a consultation from a dermatologist would be smart. A dermatologist would be the best to tell you which procedure is best for your condition.  There are other treatment options out there, such as the ones you can see here.

        So ladies, be sure to research each procedure first to find which ones suit you and your wallet before deciding. Good luck to us!


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