Saturday, February 6, 2016

4 Reasons How Hot Wheels Makes It Epic!

Hot Wheels Make It Epic

        When I hear Hot Wheels, my mind immediately thinks of my 3 nephews who love collecting Hot Wheels. Every Christmas, that's basically all that's in their wish list. Not kidding! And I can't really blame them. They're tiny cars that look super cool and look almost real with its fine details and shiny car paint coating.

        Hot Wheels is a toy that's been around ever since I could remember. 40 years to be exact. And this time, Hot Wheels is making an exciting turn towards making Hot Wheels even more epic!

1.) Hot Wheels City

        Hot Wheels is making things even more exciting because it's not just about collecting the little toy cars now. I think kids will be excited to learn that Hot Wheels is making it epic by giving the kids the challenge and the thrill of building their own Hot Wheels City! They are developing a new track building system to be launched this summer. And you can only get it from Toy Kingdom!

2.) 400 New Cars

        Hot Wheels announced that they will be releasing 400 new car designs. Four hundred!!! How crazy is that! But the release of these new designs will be coming in 3 waves. The first wave has been released last December 2015, the second wave will be on June 2016, and the final wave will be by the end of 2016.

Among these new collections are... hold your breath!....

A video posted by Rina Zamora 🌈 (@rinasrainbow) on

  • Disney Star Wars Collection
  • Disney Marvel Collection

And in summer...

Hot Wheels Bat Mobile 
  • Exclusive line of Captain America
  • Warner Brothers DC Comics line


3.) New Mini Collections with Limited Editions

        Among the new car designs also are their New Mini Collections which include Limited Edition designs that you can't resist to collect!

4.) Hot Wheels Record Breakers

        By next year, in an effort to promote Hot Wheels as more than a toy but also a way to learn by building and achieving, they will also be on the search for Hot Wheel collectors as record breakers. So if you know someone who has the biggest Hot Wheels collection, or has the oldest Hot Wheels collection, etc., make sure to let Hot Wheels Philippines know.

        Hot Wheels aim to continue bringing joy to kids and aspire them to continue to be better, go faster, and jump higher. Because 'good enough' is not enough. Hence, Hot Wheels' new campaign is:

Don’t Just Make It Awesome, Make it Epic! 

Get updates on these exciting epic changes!
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More Photos!

Toy Kingdom

Hot Wheels tracks

Hot Wheels Tracks

Hot Wheels Tracks

Hot Wheels Tracks

Hot Wheels Tracks

Millennium Falcon Hot Wheels

Star Wars Hot Wheels

Star Wars X-Wing Hot Wheels

Star Wars X Wing Fighter

Star Wars Hot Wheels

Batman and Robin Hot Wheels

Batman and Robin Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Elite

Hot Wheels Ferarri

Hot Wheels Toy Kingdom

Hot Wheels
Hot pink truck! Me likey!


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