Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Kid-Friendly Weekend at F1 Hotel Manila!: Pre-Easter Egg Hunting!

F1 Hotel Manila Easter Egg Hunt

        Right after Rain's Moving Up Day, we were fortunate to get to celebrate at F1 Hotel Manila for a fun kid-friendly staycation. In fact, this particular staycation just made me love them even more! And I'm sure Rain feels exactly the same way especially with their kid-friendly activities available this Summer, and most especially this coming Easter Sunday!

F All Day Dining Restaurant

        We arrived just in time for a delicious lunch buffet at F1 All-Day Dining. My husband and I didn't have lunch because it was a busy morning with Rain's moving up day and all. Even Rain just had some Butter Cream biscuits. She's also not a morning person. Takes after her mom hehe. Needless to say we were starving!


        There was a section filled with easy to eat food for little kids like Rain. There's Pizza...

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken...


And sliders.

F All Day Dining Restaurant

And for dessert, the little kids loved the cotton candy machine!

F All Day Dining Restaurant

        Even the not-so-little kids loved them too! Here's Rain with Ate Ella, Yen and Chuckie's not-so-little princess :-)

Harbour-style Prawns

 I, on the other hand enjoyed the Harbour-Style Prawns,

Grilled Pork Belly

Grilled Pork Belly

Suckling Pig with Dinuguan Rice

And the Suckling Pig with Dinuguan Rice!

        You know how sometimes it's hard to enjoy your food because your little one would not stay still on her seat? I know that feeling all too well, especially when Rain didn't have a yaya yet. Thankfully, F1 Hotel solved just that!

Play Zone at F1 Hotel Manila

        Every weekends this summer, you will see their newly installed Play Zone set up at the reception area of F All Day Dining Restaurant. It's a simple play-pen styled play area, fully padded, filled with blocks, balls, books, and a slide!

Play Zone at F1 Hotel Manila

There are also activity sheets, coloring materials, mini slinky, and board games!

Play Zone at F1 Hotel Manila

Parents need to fill out this quick information sheet for safety the Play Zone.

Play Zone at F1 Hotel Manila

        Rain of course spent a lot of time by the arts area. Oh, and if you noticed, yes she's still wearing her moving-up day dress. Of course! She's Little Miss "Dress Only!". Because apparently pants are only for boys daw.

Play Zone at F1 Hotel Manila

And by the wall, there was a projected animated film playing! 

        The Play Zone was a hit with the kids!And more importantly, the adults get to savor their food in peace! Haha! The Play Zone is available for kids of weekend diners at F All Day Dining Restaurant. I just love how F1 treats the kids as Little VIPs!

F1 Hotel Manila

        After lunch, as if Rain wasn't exhausted enough from her early Moving Up day and from all the playing at the Play Zone, she said  demanded that she wanted to swim. Of course I obliged. This was her special weekend after all!

        After swimming, she took a nap. Which she doesn't usually do. This means she must be very tired from all the fun. But at 6PM, we had to wake her up because it was time for the Pre-Easter Egg Hunt! She wouldn't budge at first but after she heard me say "Easter Egg Hunt", she got up immediately.

Easter Egg Hunt at F1 Hotel Manila

        We headed down to the Canary Lounge and the staff gave Rain a goodie bag filled with toys and a light finger thingy to help them look for the eggs in the dark. And with that, off they went to look for eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt at F1 Hotel Manila

        Of course, the parents helped. Ate Ella also gave Rain some of the eggs she found! Thank you Ate Ella!!! :-)

Easter Egg Hunt at F1 Hotel Manila

"Mine! All mine!!!"

Easter Egg Hunt at F1 Hotel Manila

"Un-boxing" her egg finds!

Easter Egg Hunt at F1 Hotel Manila

Nice one baby! That's a lot!

        This is not even half of the real fun the kids will be having on Easter Sunday. On March 27, from 10AM to 2PM, kids will get to enjoy the fun activities prepared for F1 Hotel's Easter Fun in Candyland! Fun activities like Glitter Tattoo, Donut Decorating, Egg Painting, Loot Bags, Balloon Twisting, Games, Complimentary Treats, and more will be available! And then of course,an Easter Egg Hunt at the F1 Candyland!

        And don't forget to glam up your kids and make them wear colorful ensembles as there is a prize for the best dressed! Best part? Tickets are only Php 968 nett per person inclusive of brunch buffet.

        This fun Easter Candyland is in partnership with Universal Robina, Kettle Corn, Fun Ranch, and Regent Foods. Kids aged two (2) and below are free of charge. Adult companions and guardians are charged at full ticket price (For ticket reservations, call (02) 928-8888.)

Prime Rib F1 Hotel

        For dinner, we had our own gathering by the Premier Lounge catered by F1 All Day Dining Restaurant. The Prime Rib was excellent!

Pork Sinugba and Shrimp

And I really really enjoyed the Pork Sinugba! So flavorful!!! Rice pa more!!!

Fennel and Carrot Soup

I must have had like 3 bowls of this creamy Fennel and Carrot Soup with Popcorn. So comforting!

F1 Hotel Manila

And for dessert, holey moley these Lolli Cakes! They're super duper moist!

Lolli Cake

And when I say moist, I mean really really moist!


As always, thank you so much F1 Hotel Manila for making Rain's weekend super fun!!!

KTG at F1 Hotel Manila

...and for always welcoming the KTG with open arms! For more information and for a heads up on their other promotions, like them on Facebook:hf1hotelmanila

Speaking of promotions, the F1 Hotel Anniversary Sale is still on!

Get as much as 60% discount on rooms and buffet!

Buying period: March 14 to April 15, 2016

Valid for use until September 30, 2016 (Exclusively for weekend use only)
Published Rate: Php 10,000 nett
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Your savings: Php 6,200 (62% OFF)

Valid for use until September 30, 2016 (Exclusively for weekend use only)
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Valid for use until September 30, 2016 (Exclusively for weekend use only)
Published Rate: Php 1,399 nett
Discounted Rate: Php 750 nett
Your savings: Php 649 (46% OFF)

1. Order your gift certificates by calling F1 Hotel Manila at (02) 928-9888 ext. 6448 and look for Kan de Jesus. Ordering of gift certificates is from Mondays to Fridays only, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
2. Gift certificates may be picked up at F1 Hotel Manila within twenty four (24) hours after placing your order.
3. Gift certificates may only be picked up during weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM starting March 14 to April 15, 2016
4. All payments shall be settled thru cash or credit card.
5. Stolen or lost gift certificates will not be replaced.
6. All gift certificates are transferable but are not convertible to cash.
7. Gift certificates cannot be combined with other hotel promotions, benefits and/or privileges such as the Senior Citizen discount or PWD discount.

#GCSALE #F1Hotelturns4 #F1HotelManila

F1 Hotel Manila
32nd street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.


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