Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kidzania Rocks!!!

Kidzania Manila

        Kidzania has been open for quite some time now here in the Philipines. But before they opened, I only heard about Kidzania from my niece and nephew who were raving about their Kidzania experience in Malaysia. I basically thought it was a pretend-play world where you can just enter a pretend shop and just pretend play inside. I was wrong. It was serious stuff!  And once I saw the little shops, I was amazed with the attention-to-detail. It's literally a world for kids where they get to learn and experience how it is to work for different fields. I'll show you why I think it's a brilliant concept for kids. There's really a lot more to it. It's not just play.

Kidzania Manila lobby

        We went there courtesy of my Mom and Dad in law, as a celebration for Rain's cousin G's birthday. We weren't sure if there was enough food chocies inside so we had breakfast first at McDonalds at the ground floor. Upon going inside the main lobby, one can get confused if it IS the lobby of Kidzania or if it's a Cebu Pacific ticket office / mini airport. Looking at the photo above, you can understand why.

Kidzania Manila tag

It's where you present your ticket and where they give you your wristbands. The wristbands are how kids can track their jobs and salaries.

Kidzania Manila

After getting our wristbands, we went through this checkpoint where you can get Kidzania maps.

Kidzania Manila

        After going through the checkpoint, you will be seated in this area which still looks like an airport waiting area. This is where you will wait until Kidzania officially opens its doors. 

Kidzania Manila

It even has a with a fake baggage claim conveyor belt.

Kidzania Manila

Waiting for their "flight" to Kidzania!

Kidzania Manila

        Here's a poster on how you can make the most of your time in Kidzania. I'm telling you. We were there since 9am-2pm, the kids didn't get to try all the jobs. Another point that I ill stress on later on why I think Kidzania is awesome!

Kidzania Manila

         A few other reminders! Parents are not allowed inside the shops. But can peek through the big windows :-)

 Kidzania Manila

        Then finally, the guards open the entrance to the escalator leading up to the 2nd floor, where the park is located. And TADA!!!!!

Kidzania Manila

I love how it looks like a real world with crossings and pedestrian crossing lanes.

Kidzania Manila

        All shops are still closed once you enter. Then they officially open with a mob dance. Everywhere you look, the staff are out on the streets doing the welcome dance.

Kidzania Manila

        The first thing we did was go to the very first shop as you enter. The B-Kidzanian PaZZport Office. This is where you can get passports for the kids. It's not mandatory. But it's goot to have because if your kid has a passport, they earn +2 KidZos in every salary that they get. (KidZoz is Kidzania currency)  Yes! Kids earn "salaries" here! It's a great way of teaching kids about the value of money, and how you have to work hard to earn. 

Kidzania Manila Passport

        With this passport, kids also get 5 KidZos off when they shop at the "Department store", and 5% discount in "National Bookstore". The cost of the passport is only P250 and the child needs parental consent when they get. 

Kidzania Manila BPI

Next stop, "BPI"!

Kidzania Manila BPI Paycheck

 Upon entering, the kids will be given 50 KidZos as "paycheck" to start with.

Kidzania Manila BPI

        Doesn't it look like a real BPI? Hahaha! Your kid can either encash this at "BPI" so they have pocket money to spend around the park, or they can also deposit it into their KidZania account. 

Kidzania Manila

We decided to encash it first. Here's Rain with her cold cash!

Kidzania Manila BPI ATM

There are also "ATMS" around the park where they can withdraw.

Kidzania Manila

        Since there was so much shops, the boys and the girls decided to split up. Because the girls wanted to do girly stuff, and the boys of course wanted to do more boyish stuff.

Kidzania Manila Music studio

        Rain's cousin Ate Z was really kind enough to go with her. They first tried the recording studio. Here they are getting a quick orientation. That's the thing about Kidzania. It's not just get-inside-play-get out. The Kidzania staff are really there dressed up as different professions, and they are there to really orient the kids and give them specific tasks to do for the duration of the job. 

Kidzania Manila Census Plaque

        And one job can run from 25 mins to 45 mins. This is why it's impossible to try everything on your first visit. And there is also an age requirement since some jobs require more maturity in writing or reading. Each shop has a Census Plaque outside with these details. The Ecomony shows if this activity requires a KidZo payment.

Kidzania Manila Music studio

        Rain had a blast dressing up and being a drummer, then a keyboardist, then a singer as the music studio "records" their performance. My little rockstar!

Kidzania Manila salon

Next they wanted to try the salon!

Kidzania Manila beauty salon

Rain came in as a worker, and her ate Z went with her as a customer. 

Kidzania Manila beauty salon

        Look at her in her salon apron! So cute!!! They had to give Rain a step stool to be able to reach Z's hair haha!

Kidzania Manila Johnsons

Next, the girls went to the hospital to take care of babies!

Kidzania Manila Johnsons

        They were taught the proper way to carry a baby, to change their diapers, and make sure they properly support the baby's head.

Kidzania Manila LBC

Next, they wanted to try to be a messenger at "LBC"

Kidzania Manila LBC

Orientation at LBC.

Kidzania Manila LBC

        Rain and Ate Z were tasked to pick up packages from different stores and bring it back to LBC to be delivered. While the other kids were tasked to deliver. They are given a clipboard with a check list of stores they need to go to.

Kidzania Manila Star Magic

Next, they worked as mimes at Star Magic Acting Academy. 

Kidzania Manila Star Magic

        They were given gloves and for how many minutes were taught a few tips and tricks in becoming a convincing mime.

Kidzania Manila

        After a few minutes they came out and went in the middle of Kidzania Plaza, right in front of the Theater to their street mime presentation. The story was about a tree and what we can do to protect nature.

Kidzania Manila

A round of applause for the great mimes!

Kidzania Manila penshoppe

Rain and Ate Z has been eyeing  Penshoppe where kids get to do be a model! 

Kidzania Manila penshoppe

So we kept the fashion show schedule in mind. We went back by around 12:15 for the last show.

Kidzania Manila penshoppe

        Before going in, we bumped into their other cousin, M. We didn't think he would be interested in doing a fashion show, but seeing that his BFF cousin Rain was going to do it. he went with them too! So fun!!!

Kidzania Manila penshoppe

Here's M trying on cool clothes!

Kidzania Manila penshoppe

Rain's already in her Penshoppe apparel, and now choosing the right accessories. 

Kidzania Manila penshoppe fashion show

        The Penshoppe staff went out to inform us that the kids were going inside the Kidzania theater to practice for their fashion show and that we should wait outside the theater. After a few minutes, they asked us to go inside. That was a pleasant surprise! We get to watch the show!!! 

        But my adorable Rain got stage fright during her solo strut. Pretty unusual since she usually loves walking around stages and just being there whenever we go to parties and stuff. Her Kuya M and Ate Zoe though ROCKED IT!!! It was so fun watching all of them strut the runway! I mean stage :-)

Kidzania Manila Inquirer

        Rain's older boy cousins on the other hand were doing some pretty cool stuff! They worked for "Inquirer" as an investigator and a writer.

Kidzania Manila Inquirer

        Here's Rain's cousin Kuya X finishing his story for the paper. This is one of the establishments that require older kids to join because they need to know how to type.

Kidzania Manila InquirerKidzania Manila Inquirer

        Kuya G and Kuya X done with their work at Inquirer! They print out the newspapers with their name in every article. So cool!

Kidzania Manila ABSCBN Mobile

They also went to work as salesmen at ABS CBN Mobile, showing phone demos to other people. 

Central station of Kidzania

        Then to see the whole Kidzania land, Ate Z and Rain boarded the tour bus as tourists for 2 KidZos per person. Kids can also work for the Central Station of Kidzania to work as tour guides.

Kidzania Manila tour 
        Happy tourists Rain and Ate Z! Little kids need to be accompanied by an adult so Rain's Yaya went with them as well.

Kidzania Manila Honda

        There's a Honda Dealership (which I immediately took a photo of and tagged my sister Chai (author of car blog Pink Turbo). Her response: Can adults play too? There's even a tiny Shell Gas Station that I forgot to take a photo of!

Kidzania Manila Fire station

There's the firestation

Kidzania Manila Fire truck

With a mini electric Fire Truck

Kidzania Manila Construction

A construction company

Kidzania Manila McDonalds


Kidzania Manila Holiday Inn

        Holiday Inn where kids learn how to work in a hotel with I think with guest relations and house keeping.

Kidzania Manila Milo Stadium

Milo Stadium

Kidzania Manila Milo Stadium

Which has an actual basketball court inside

Kidzania Manila Art Design Academy

And opening soon: Art Design Academy!

Kidzania Manila Coca Cola

On the 2nd floor, there's a Coca Cola Bottling Plant

Kidzania Manila Coca Cola Bottling

Where kids learn how to bottle coke

Yellow Cab

A Yellow Cab where kids get to make their own pizza

Kidzania Manila Studio

And this is pretty cool. A TV studio!

Kidzania Manila Studio

With cameras and everything!

Kidzania Manila abandoned hotel

There's an abandoned hotel. This has a purpose I'll show you later

Kidzania Manila Sky Cable

And for Sky Cable, kids climb an apartment wall to install cables. Awesome right?

Kidzania Manila Radio Station

There's a radio station

Kidzania Manila radio station

        Where kids can work as a DZMM radio hosts. They have scripts that they read from the monitor in front of them.

Kidzania Manila supreme court

A supreme court!

Kidzania Manila supreme court

inside the supreme court

Kidzania Manila Pet Express

        During the last hour, Rain and her cousin Kuya M were learning what it's like to be vets at Pet Express. They were learning how to check the ears of the pets, and the fur, grooming, etc. 

Kidzania Manila CSI

        ... while G and X were very busy being a Crime Scene Investigator. This is when it got even more interesting!

All of a sudden, there was a fire at the abandoned hotel! 

Kidzania Manila

        The police came with traffic cones to warn people not to come close because it's unsafe. I believe they were chanting "Please step back! It's not safe!" while hand in hand. 

Kidzania Manila

        And then then pretty soon the firemen came and extinguished the fire while the ambulance came and were in standby in case anyone got hurt! Action-packed!

Kidzania Manila Money

        At the end of the day, Rain earned around 120 KidZos. This was pretty high because she didn't really buy anything and didn't go to jobs that require paying a fee like Yellow Cab, Coca Cola, etc. 

        I bet parents cant help but tear up a little seeing their little ones in adult uniforms :') And by "parents" I mean me. It was truly an amazing feeling seeing Rain really trying her best get the job done. You can really see all the kids all have that focused look on their faces. For them this was the real thing. And that's pretty amazing!

        I also like the fact that kids not easily run out of things to accomplish in Kidzania. First of all, as I mentioned, different establishments require different ages for them to to the job. So Rain may not be able to work as a radio station DJ now, but in a year or so, she could! There will be something to look forward to each year.

        Another smart thing is that your kids KidZos and their passports can be used in all Kidzania branches worldwide. 

Kidzania Manila

        And most importantly, Kidzania is amazing simply because in a fun way, it helps kids decide on what they want to be when they grow up. It teaches kids the value of money, how to be independent, and it teaches kids to appreciate and respect the hard work of people in different fields. 

        Honestly, one visit to Kidzania is not enough. We're all so excited to go back! And I'm so happy that they're here in the Philippines!

See prices and book your tickets here:

· Role-play activities are for kids 4-14.
· Kids below 4 are considered toddlers.
  Toddlers may only play at toddler designated areas namely, the RightZKeepers’ House and the Kindergarten,
  where one (1) guardian may accompany the toddler inside.
 · Babies below 12 months are free of charge. 

Park Triangle, 3245 North 11th Ave.
Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig

Facebook: @KidZaniaManila
Instagram: kidzaniamanila
Twitter: @kidzaniamanila


  1. Juancho has been asking me to go at Kidzania, but I want The #Mendiolables be together. Will the 13 yr old twins enjoy the place?

    1. Yes the role play activities are for 4-14 year old ! :-) They should try it na! :-)

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