Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kinder Dramas to Moving-Up Day!

        It seems like only yesterday when I enrolled Rain in school. And now the school year is over. And she's moving up from Kinder 1 to Kinder 2. It was a crazy roller coaster ride for me. I thought it was going to be easy. You know, just bring your child to school, pick her up, ask her how her day went. As a first time parent, I thought it was that easy. Boy was I wrong!

        I believe Rain was the youngest in her class. I enrolled her when she was 3 years old. I thought she would be in Nursery or something but since her birthday month is October (meaning middle of the school year), the school advised that she needs to be enrolled in Kinder 1 already.

        Rain is a smart kid, as all kids nowadays are. But her level of maturity when it came to studying wasn't quite there yet. She was still in the "play only" phase. During the first few weeks of school she would just act as a supervisor, walking around class while the teacher is teaching, bothering her classmates, and even picking on one of her boy classmates.

Doing homeworks was also not a walk-in-the-park. Their homeworks were only given during weekends. And every time we would start, she would say "I'm tired mama"... But when I let her rest, she would magically recharge and play. Haaaaay.

        I was having a hard time because I was beating myself up, thinking I've lacked in teaching her how to listen, behave, and stuff. But it was her teachers that were telling me that it's normal. And that she will eventually reach that maturity when it comes to really doing school stuff. In fairness to Rain, she does do some school work. And towards the middle of the school year, she started improving more, learned how to stay still and listen more. She would surprise me with saying and using new words she knows.

        I'm sharing this because I want other parents out there who are worried about their kids to know that you're not alone. It's perfectly normal. I guess first time parents like me really tend to over-react. I know it's hard not to compare your kid with other kids who are doing better in school. But as we all should know, comparing is bad. Especially when you compare out loud in front of your kid. Not good for his/her self-esteem.

Anyway, come March 2016, it was her moving up day!

        It was a simple moving up day ceremony held at a nice covered basketball court near the school in our village. They needed to wear all white. I'm happy with the one I got her. This one is from Gingersnaps. It really fit her well!

        Because her last name started with a Z, she was the very last in line for the graduation march. She was totally fine, until she saw her dad among the crowd. It's so weird. She suddenly got stage fright and covered her face during the march...

....and during the opening ceremonies, opening song...

        Richie was the one who figured out that his presence was making Rain shy all of a sudden. I guess Rain was used to seeing just me during their practice. And somehow seeing Richie made her realize this was a huge thing? I don't really know. But anyway, Richie went over to to where she was, talked to her until she felt better.

        She did feel better after. But she still felt the need to sit on the lap of Teacher Magada, who's sitting behind her. She's actually the school principal. Nicest principal I've met! Thank you Teacher Magda!

        A few weeks before the moving up day, each student were given their own poems to memorize and recite during the graduation. I memorized with Rain everyday while we walk to school. And thankfully it worked because she's one of the first students to quickly memorize their poem.

And I'm so so happy that she didn't get stage fright when it was her turn to recite! Proud momma!!! 

This was her poem:

The Bird

Oh what is so happy
So happy and free
As a little wild bird
Sitting up in his tree

How sweetly he sings
Singing up in his tree
The sweetest of songs
Sings a wild bird to me

Of course, I felt teary-eyed but I think I did a good job in holding back the tears;-) It wasn't even a real graduation. Just a moving-up haha!

        All the students received different types of awards which I thought was sweet of them so that the kids won't feel bad if they didn't receive any academic award. Rain got an award for "Co-Curricular Activities". Probably because of all her drawings which she loves to do haha! Congratulations to all the graduates!!!!

        Thank you Teacher Wendy (Rain's teacher) for your patience with Rain! We will see you again next school year!

And Teacher Judith for your daily gigil for Rain! hehehe :-)

Rain and her girls!

With the proud daddies!

With the proud mommies!

Next stop: K2! Wooohoooo!!! We're so proud of you my little Rainbow!!! :-)


  1. I would tear up too! Huhuhu nakaka proud! pero naloka ako! Memorize na ng poem??? lol!!!
    Can't wait to see your adventures on Snaps and read it here!!! Eeekkk ako I will definitely cry! iyakin ako! huhuhu

    1. Nako ako din si miss iyakin! hehehe :-) Yes they had to memorize a poem na. I think the school is quite advanced but at the same time they don't pressure the kids if they don't get it. But at least they are introduced to the topic kung baga :-) Richie had a snap of me tearing up during the graduation hahaha! Practice palang kaya super effort na ako to fight back the tears! Buti nalang I'm wearing glasses kahit papano medyo may obstruction hahaha!

  2. Don't worry, Rain is a natural - smart, adorable, beautiful. Congrats, Rain!


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