Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Make Your Little Ones Love Math With MatheMagis Summer School!

        When I was young, I hated math. Until now actually. That's why I took up Mass Communications. (If I had a peso for everytime I said that. I would be rich right now). And that's why I wished there was a fun way to learn math during my time. It would have been easier for me.

        Can you relate with me? Or more importantly, can your kids relate? Lucky for them there's a fun Math summer class they can attend this summer!

        Make your kids learn math happily and confidently with Mathemagis' Singapore Math Summer programs!

"Preschoolers  four to six years old get the “Best Start to be Smart” in Math through our fun and hands-on activities.  Young kids develop a love and confidence for math  which they will carry with them throughout. 
Grade school students struggling with Math word problems will get a boost with “Visual Thinking Math” where kids learn the fun and easy way to solve math word problems using Singapore’s proven effective bar model strategy. 
Keep you kids one step ahead of everyone through Mathemagis’ Singapore Math Program for gradeschoolers.  This program teaches Math concepts and enhances analytical skills for all students."
Here are the batches happening this summer:

Batch 1 -- April 4-15
Batch 2 -- April 18-29
Batch 3 -- May 1-13
Batch 4 -- May 16-27

        If you'd like to enroll your future Math wizards, visit their website at www.mathemagis.com and like them on their Facebook page at mathemagis.singaporemaths. Register online at http://bit.ly/1VF2nmV

You may also visit their branches below:

Serendra (833.7374)
Makati (556.5109)
Katipunan (225.6330)
Timog Avenue (261.1611)
SM Pasig(209.8128)


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