Monday, March 14, 2016

My Preparation for Summer: 10K Steps, Brown Rice, and MySlim Yerba Drink

Ilocos Sur Beach

        I have to admit. I have mixed feelings about summer. I'm happy because of we get to have a splashing good time at the pool! Plus of course it's vacation time for Rain. But at the same time, I dread having to wear a bathing suit and showing my ab (Yes, singular. One big one), and the rest of my flabs. I may never have my pre-pregnancy body again. So all my photos that I dare post are like this photo above. Showing my top part only, and has to be angled correctly. Hehehe.

Ilocos Sur beach

See what I mean?

        So what exactly am I doing to prep for the summer of 2016? Three things. Small steps but I believe makes a big difference in the long run....

1.) 10K Steps A Day

        This year I learned a great deal about taking 10K steps a day. Thanks to Richie's FitBit which he generously let me try, I became OC whenever I don't hit my 10K steps target. 10K steps a day is recommended by the American Heart Association mainly as a guideline to follow for good health, and to lessen the risk of heart attack. The steps doesn't have to be of brisk walking or from running / workout. Every step you take as soon as you wake up are counted. So it's not as hard as it seem, though admittedly, it's still a challenge. 

        The main point is that you have to get up your butt and move a lot in a day. Take breaks from working in front of a computer, walk to work if you can, take long cuts, etc. I want to expound more on this on my upcoming post on FitBit. Coming in the near future! ;-)

2.) Brown Rice

        When I was preparing for my wedding, I was so strict on cutting down my carbs. Which is hard for me because I love rice. So one of the sacrifices I did was to switch white rice to brown rice. Now, I'm back to brown rice when we eat at home. I still can't quite quit on eating some processed food though :-(  I love my hot dogs and bacon too much :-( But hopefully some way, some how, I'll get there.

And last but most definitely not least...

3.) MySlim Yerba Mate Drink


        I've posted this before and I'll post it again! MySlim Yerba Mate Drink helps me in a lot of ways. MySlim Terba Mate Drink has:

1.) Palatinose™ - this is called the better energy because
more fat is burned when Palatinose™ is used as a carbohydrate source compared with sugar (source of research from

2.) Finomate® (EFLA®920) - A green mate leaf extract which has been proven to be effective in weight loss and increase of energy and vitality. It is a safe and a very efficient dietary ingredient for weight loss. (Research from

3.) Carnipure™ (L-Carnetine) - It doesn't store fatty acids. Instead it moves the them acids within the cells of our body to be used as source of energy, allowing us to burn more as we go about our day.


        MySlim also comes in powdered form. Easier to pack with you on your summer trip! But make sure you have access to a clean toilet when you drink a bottle of MySlim because you will have to do frequent trips to the toilet after drinking. It's like a party in your tummy! You can really feel the toxins being flushed out! You only need to drink this twice a week. I really need this because I usually have a hard time "unloading" regularly.


        MySlim also comes in capsule form which you take twice a day, after meals. So I take one after breakfast, and one after dinner. Aside from the 3 things I mentioned a while ago that makes MySlim Yerba Drink effective, the capsule also has Garcomoa Cambogio which helps suppress appetite, helps prevent carbohydrates to be stored as fat, and it of course helps speed metabolism. It also has Green Tea Extract (EGCG) which is known to help aid in weight loss, but at the same time also improves brain function and physical performance.


        The taste? Delicious! Sort of like strawberry juice, but sugar-free! Put a lot of ice so it will even be more refreshing! 


        So to sum it up, MySlim helps boost energy, burn fat, and detoxify! You should really try it to see if it works well with your body. You have nothing to lose except for a few pounds, maybe even more ;-)

        You may check out more details like where to buy and how much in my previous MySlim posts

        Follow them on Facebook (myslimPH) and Instagram (@MySlimDetox), and check out their official website at for even more details.

Happy Summer!!!! :-)


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