Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New McDo Happy Meal is out TODAY!: Kung Fu Panda 3! And One More Surprise Awaits!

Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal Toy set

        Rain is a Happy Meal kid. Of course, that's the effect of having a dad that loves McDonalds (Fine... fine... And a mom too!) Happy Meal toys help us in more ways than one actually. You see, my little Rainbow have experienced coming home from kinder school with a sad stamp on her arm. These are the times when she would just want to play and not listen to her teacher. So to teach her the concept of working hard for something she likes, sometimes we would give her little toy surprises for being a good girl in school. And Happy Meal toys are our usual toy surprise stash. Our tummies would be happy, and so is Rain with her toy;-) Win-win!

        That being said, we're always on the look-out for McDo's latest Happy Meal toys. We just collected the Equestria Girls, and now there's a new set coming out! Starting TODAY MARCH 9, in lieu of the latest Dreamworks Animated movie, the new Happy Meal toy is the KUNG FU PANDA 3 Set!!!  (Read on for another cool announcement from McDo!)

Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal Toy set

        There are 8 Kung Fu Panda toys to choose from / collect. And they're all really cute!

Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal Toy set

        They're 2-dimensional toys that you connect side by side (in any order you want), and then when you click the button on the side of the toy on the far left, they all do their special movements. Kind of like a domino-effect. But they also move even if they're not connected.

        I'm not sure if I'm explaining it clearly, but here's my Instagram video post so you can see how it works:

A video posted by Rina Zamora 🌈 (@rinasrainbow) on

Here's are close-up shots of the 8 designs you can collect / choose from:

Dumpling Eating Contest Li

Jade Blade Kai

Kick of Justice Po

Master of Balance Po

Peek A Boo Mei Mei

Spirit Warrior Po

Surprise Noodle Sale Ping

Tigress Kung Fu Punch

        Thank you to McDonald's, we were able to watch the special screening of Kung Fu Panda 3! Rain got to meet Po! I asked Yaya Mara to take a photo of us:

Po mascot Kung Fu Panda

Toink! Fail!

        Sorry, Po! I just noticed a while ago that she didn't capture half your face. All 3 shots she took were like this. *face-palm*

Luckily I was able to snapchat the moment when Rain while she hugged Po! And I posted it on Instagram...

Kung Fu Panda Media Premier

        Anyway, for me, it's the funniest Kung Fu Panda installment. I don't know, maybe I need to watch the 1st and 2nd ones again. I don't really remember them too well. But this one is hilarious!

3D glasses

        It was especially cool watching it on 3D! The effects are really awesome! Too bad Rain kept taking off the glasses. She didn't really get the concept of 3D glasses yet. It was just bothering her. But she had fun nonetheless! Kung Fu Panda 3 will be showing in cinemas starting today, March 9, 2016!

Ready for the next BIG surprise?!?!

        Also starting today, March 9, there will be a new siding available for Happy Meals. I'm happy about this because Rain loves this. I think all kids do. Any guesses? You probably guessed right....

McDo Happy Meal Corn in a cup

 it's THE NEW CORN IN A CUP!!!!!!!

        That's right! Starting today, your you can choose between McDonald's Fries, or the new juicy corn cup to complete your Happy Meal! Kids rejoice! And adults too! Finally another food option for the kiddos!

        So there! Don't forget to head on to your nearest McDo to start collecting the Kung Fu Panda 3 Happy Meal toys and also to try their corn in a cup! For more updates on their future promos, follow McDo Philippines on Facebook (, Twitter (@McDo_PH) , and Instagram (@mcdo_ph)!


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