Friday, March 11, 2016

When Was The Last Time You Had A Decent Nap?: Napping 101

napping 101

        I remember a fellow blogger posted a survey on Facebook asking moms on what special gift they want to receive. And it could be anything like a vacation or a spa treatment. And funnily enough, she added: OTHER THAN A NAP. This goes to show how naps are always up there on a mom's wish list. (Single ladies, never underestimate naps. You will miss them after you give birth!) My answer was to have an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel... all to myself.... TO SLEEP!

        I have not had a decent nap for 4 years and counting.  Since I became a mom, a 2 minute nap already feels like 30 minutes. And somehow, even in such a short time frame, I suddenly feel refreshed. And the moment I jerk up from my nap I always think I can't believe I fell asleep! What happened? Where am I? Who am I?

        Being a mom is a handful. Currently, I only have 2 people I look out for. A 4 year old girl, and my husband (hehehe). But it already feels like a huge load. And so if you think about it, I need more naps than ever. Because napping is more than resting. It has physical and mental benefits that every person needs to get through the day. Or to get through life.

        So, in honor of National Napping Day on March 14, I would like to share this Napping 101 from CASPER  (who specializes in all things sleep like their memory foam mattresses)  because I know we can all benefit from this. You're welcome! :



  1. I will surely be needing these tips after I give birth this end of April.

  2. Oh yes definitely!!! If there's one regret I have when Rain was a baby, it's not napping when she naps. Whenever she would nap, I would still be up washing bottles, taking a shower, etc. By the time I'm ready to nap, she wakes up :-/

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