Friday, April 8, 2016

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload!

        With all the fancy pizza flavors, sometimes there's one simple flavor that comforts me. And that's Hawaiian. In fact, even my little Rainbow loves Hawaiian Pizza because of the pineapples. She picks them out and eats it.

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

        But anyway, this summer, Greenwhich recently launched their newest special flavor that will delight Hawaiian Pizza lovers.... the Hawaiian Pizza Overload!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

With 2x more Hawaiian toppings!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

        It's a pizza packed with lots of Premium Ham, Smoked Bacon, 100% Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese, and of course, what makes a Hawaiian Pizza Hawaiian, lots of Glazed Pineapple!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

It's overloaded with Hawaiian goodness in every slice...

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

And in every bite!

Greenwich Barkada

        As low as: ₱281.00, you and your family or barkada can enjoy this overloaded pizza this summer! Perfect for pot luck pool parties!

        Follow Greenwich Barkada on Facebook for updates on their latest promos and products! Or head on over to


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