Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shopkins Season 4 and Shoppies Jessicake Unboxing!

Shopkins Toy Kingdom

        I've been wanting to get Rain some Shopkins the moment I saw it in Toy Kingdom way back. But because she was still 3 years old at that time, I had to stop myself because the parts are quite small. It was tough because they all looked so cute and it looked like fun collecting them! But now that Rain is over 4 years old, it's Shopkins time!!!

Shopkins Season 4 Petkins

        The first Shopkins toys I saw were all a couple of grocery stuff. Until before I knew it, there was a season 2, 3 and now, season 4! Now available at Toy Kingdom! What's new about Shopkins Season 4 is the Petkins! They're in the form of food and other grocery stuff, if you look closely, you will see they actually look like pets. Complete with cute button pet noses and adorable ears! Meet them on our video embedded on this blog post!

Shopkins dolls

Oh and we also saw these cute and huggable Shopkins dolls!

Shopkins Shoppies

        Aside from the Season 4 Shopkins, Rain and I were also excited to see the Shoppies! Shoppies are three adorable girls with one favorite hobby: SHOPPING SHOPKINS! I got Rain Jessicake for now because I just love her aqua blue hair! (Talagang ako yung namili). And hopefully soon we'll get her Popette  and Bubbleisha! A Shoppies pack includes:

1 x Doll
2 x Exclusive Shopkin
1 x Brush
1 x Handbag

See our unboxing of Rain's Shopkins and Shoppies!

Design your own Shopkins

        When we were at Toy Kingdom, Rain was also able to draw and design her own Shopkins! Actually, she didn't really design her "own". She just drew her favorite Shopkins, Apple Blossom. Hahaha!

Design Your Own Shopkins

        It was a fun contest of Shopkins where, for a minimum purchase of P300 Shopkins items, entitles them to join and create their own Shopkins. It could be a shoe, a tennis racket, a weird fruit. Sky's the limit! The top 5 winning designs will be made into reality! Wouldn't it be awesome to hold an actual Shopkin that your child designed? You can see more details and mechanics here.

Toy Kingdom

        Shopkins Season 4, Shoppies, and more are available in Toy Kingdom! Once you shop, you can't stop! Follow them on Facebook to get updates on the latest Shopkins and other cool new toys!


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