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The Boutique Bed and Breakfast: A Personalized Boutique Hotel Experience!

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        Often times when the family is looking for a place that's not so far, but has a cooler climate, Tagaytay's usually the place to be. Tagaytay has changed a lot since my first few visits. More buildings, more commercial centers... But it's nice to know that there are still a lot of places you can stay which makes you feel like you're in some hidden paradise, even though the location is very convenient and accessible! This romantic hidden place is The Boutique Bed and Breakfast.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        The Boutique Bed and Breakfast is a 2 story building consisting of 8 beautifully designed romantic rooms, a charming backyard with a nice view of the Taal Volcano lake. Conveniently, it is also located right across Ayala Serin Mall.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

The main entrance

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay Herbs

        As you walk through the main entrance, you will see different herbs that they plant themselves and use for cooking. Fresh!

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        Upon entering, you will be greeted by this nice lobby with avant garde / modernish interiors. Although it's a boutique hotel, you already know this is a very special place.

Pamper Me Room

        This is one of the highlights of The Boutique. Their Pamper Me room. After checking in, they will take you to this small fragrant room where you can choose your preferred botanical soap, shampoo, conditioner, and room scent. This is the first hotel I've been to that offers this kind of service. Moms and ladies will definitely appreciate this! Interestingly, the products in the Pamper Me room are made with materials sourced from the farm of one of the owners.

        And if you look at the bottom shelf, they also have a selection of DVDs that you can borrow for free!

Botanical soaps Pamper Me

        Soaps. So much to choose from! Per room, they make you pick 2 different botanical soaps. I picked out Lavender, and Richie picked out Apple.

Pamper Me

They also make you pick 2 types of shampoo and conditioner

Pamper Me scents

Room scents

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

Here's our basket of Pamper Me stuff! They then take this basket as they show you to your room.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        Our room for the weekend! i Love! All the rooms are named with romantic emotions such as i Escape, i Dare, i Desire, i Dream, i Surrender, and i Lust.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        The i Love is a cozy Victorian-themed room with a king-sized Canopy bed located at the ground level. Very classy! They also make you choose from their selection of pillows. From goose down, microfiber, and more. All beds are king-sized, with soft feather covers and white percale in 300tc linens.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

It even has a patio that goes straight out to the backyard / Tsokolateria outdoor restaurant.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

The shower has just enough space,

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        Placed on the bed is the breakfast menu which you have to fill out and give to the staff so they can prepare your breakfast-in-bed early in the morning. It was quite hard to choose as Breakfast is my ultimate favorite meal of the day. You get to specify what time you want your breakfast to be delivered to your room. You have a choice of 1 hot and 1 cold beverage per person, from teas, to coffee, to juices, and more. More on this later!

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        And by the bed side, are 3 jars of different snacks you can nibble on during your stay. There's shing-a-ling, and I think polvoron, and one more (I forgot what it was). And what's even more fun is the Magic 8 Ball by the bed side table of every room!

Mango Basil mocktail

Oh, and we really enjoyed this welcome mango basil mocktail! It's like Margarita without the alcohol.

The first floor has 4 rooms, and the second floor contains the other 4.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        Booking a stay with your special someone? Planning to have a romantic night? Then I suggest you book the i Lust room. This is their Upper level presidential suite that has a private terrace and ... wait for it... 

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

a separate bathtub overlooking the Taal Lake.

Here's a zoom-out shot of the gorgeous bathtub-with-a-view.

All the other rooms have different interiors. All are equally beautiful! You can see the room designs and specifications here

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        The Boutique is also the home of the original Hawaiian Bar-B-que. It's their primary restaurant which serves spectacular dishes and also serves the breakfast in bed as well. More on this on a separate post by The Pickiest Eater soon!

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        The Boutique Bed and Breakfast is quite small as I mentioned earlier. There's no other amenities like pool or gym as this is more of a romantic hideaway.  And honestly, from all the busy things in our lives, sometimes this is all we need. 

Tsokolateria Artisanal Cafe Tagaytay

        This is the very back area of The Boutique. A nice overlooking outdoor area with pretty white parasols, and canopy couches. It's a nice area to have a cup of chocolate and enjoy the cool weather of Tagaytay with your special someone. 

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

The view

Tsokolateria Artisanal Cafe The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        The owners actually made this area into Tsokolateria Artisinal Cafe which serves delicious Cacao-infused dishes! More on this from ThePickiestEater.Net soon!

A video posted by Rina Zamora 🌈 (@rinasrainbow) on

At night, couples can enjoy a complimentary 10 minute facial cold stone massage or foot massage.

        Also at night, The Boutique serves their guests some delicious freshly baked cookies with their famous tablea hot chocolate. Too bad I wasn't able to experience this as I think I may have conked out before they delivered haha! Well, you snooze, you lose. 

Come morning time...

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        I don't think there's ever been a guest here at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast that woke up on the wrong side of the bed. How could you? When you wake up to this beautiful breakfast-in-bed spread? Seriously, they have the biggest bed tray I've seen! And the presentation is so breakfast-at-Tiffany's! I can safely say this has been one of the best mornings of my life ever!

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

It's so complete that they even serve different types of bread, complete with butter and jam

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

And also fresh fruits

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

I ordered the Tapa...

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

And Richie ordered the Longganisa. Both were really good and very satisfying.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

        The family that eats breakfast together, stays together! We literally woke up like this. With smiles on our faces!

        The Boutique Bed and Breakfast may just be a boutique hotel, but what makes it so special is the personalized experience with your breakfast-in-bed and the Pamper me soaps and scents. Plus of course, the enticing and comfortable rooms. With The Boutiqie, you really feel like you're being pampered and taken cared of. Once you check in, you can just let your stress melt away! I would definitely come back with the hubby! (Yiheeeee!)

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast
45 Aguinaldo Highway
Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City
Phone: +63 46 4131798
Fax: +63 46 4131885
Mobile: +63 927 3632660
+63 917 5984480
+63 933 1988534
Official Website:

For reservations, go to this link:


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