Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel

        I love Disney. If I had a peso for every time I say this, I would be rich. But it's true. I really appreciate all the work that they do to come up with new shows, stories, and characters that kids will love. I remember while watching the Anniversary concert of Disney, one interview really stuck with me. It was the interview of Pixar's big boss John Lasseter, and he said that when Disney / Pixar creates characters, they don't just draw them and make them move. They create characters that have soul and make them come to life. This is so true. Every character created in Disney are characters that audiences will either love, or hate (villains), or empathize with. And this is Disney's way of continuously captivating every child's heart, and every child-at-heart.

        Last March 20, 2016 at 11am on Disney Channel, the world finally met 5 new Disney characters in an old-new Disney favorite. The Lion King's epic story continues with THE LION GUARD: RETURN OF THE ROAR television movie! Starring Simba and Nala's son, Kion, and the rest of his friends who has become a team of animals tasked with keeping peace in the Pride Lands. It's an interesting concept! They're basically like animal heroes (or unlikely heroes for that matter), each having their own strengths and roles.

        And then on April 17, at 8:30 AM, The Lion Guard Television Series will premier on Disney Channel!

Meet the Lion Guard!:


The Fiercest

He's the 2nd son of King Simba and Queen Nala, and the little brother of Kiara. 

The Lion Guard

        Kion is extra special because he possesses the Roar of the Elders, a magical ability to call on the great lion spirits (past Kings) of the Pride Lands to roar along with him making his roar very powerful.


The Bravest

Bunga is a fearless honey badger, who's an adopted nephew of Timon and Pumba. He wouldn't think twice of risk his own life to protect his friends.  


The Keenest of Sight

        Ono is a very smart egret that has cool sight powers. He can fly high and be the eye in the sky. He's like the surveillance of the Pride Lands with his sharp sight.


The Strongest

Beshte is a happy-go-lucky hippo. Always smiling, and loved by everyone. Due to his size, he's the strongest among the team, but has the softest heart. 


The Fastest

Fuli, the Cheetah, is one of the fastest runners in the whole of Pride Land. Being able to outpace a pursuer is such a thrill for this gal. Girl power!

        Aside from the team of the Lion Guard, you will also see your favorite Lion King characters with their original all-star voice cast  such as Mufasa and Pumba (with the super awesome super cool voice of James Earl Jones) Simba (voiced by Rob Lowe), Nala (voiceed by Gabrielle Union), You will also see Rafikki, Timone, and Pumba!

        The Lion Guard was developed and produced by Ford Riley (same producer of Special Agent Oso), and directed by Howy Parkins, who is the same director of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Boy would I loooove to work for Disney!

All the kids sure had fun during the media premier! Look at the smile on Rain's face! :-)

        Oh, and in anticipation of the movie, Disney Channel Asia invites all kids to make a video of their very own LION ROAR for the "Show Us Your Roar" campaign on the Disney Channel Asia Facebook Page. Kids who submit their roars will have the chance to have their video aired on Disney Channel during the premier of The Lion Guard!

The Lion Guard: King of the Roar will also be aired on Disney Junior later on in the year! :-)

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