Friday, April 15, 2016

The Postpaid You’ve Been Waiting For: Globe myStarter Plan! (And a chance to win a Palawan Trip!)

        I remember talking to my frantic sister one day as she hurries to the convenient store to load her pre-paid phone. She’s in her late 20s, a working girl, and sometimes have a lot on her plate. Her days can be very busy. So I was telling her that it might be time for her to get a reliable budget-friendly starter plan. But she’s always loved her pre-paid because she gets to control her budget for her mobile usage. While this might work for her care-free worry-free self 5 years ago, she has more responsibilities now. She has more adventures to go through.

        She’s always been holding off on signing up for a plan because she’s worried about getting shocking bills and stuff, plus she didn’t like the hassle of changing her number and updating everyone on her phonebook. And I don’t blame her. But I still believed she needed a reliable post-paid plan.

        And so, the timing couldn’t be better when Globe promotes their myStarter Plan. It’s an amazing post-paid plan that has all the basics you will need but is very convenient to migrate to and more importantly, unbelievably budget-friendly! 

What’s amazing about this?:

  • It’s post-paid, but very affordable! 
  • You will have a fixed-monthly payment of either P300 or P500 only! Nothing more! Which means...
  • NO BILL SHOCK! This means if you go over your plan of P300 or P500, you can just load your phone again like you would a pre-paid phone. So if you think about it, the myStarter plan is like a Hybrid of a prepaid & postpaid plan. Genius!

        And to answer my sister’s concern about changing her number, she doesn’t need to worry about that anymore because...

4) Upgrading from Globe Prepaid to Globe myStarter Plan lets you keep your same prepaid number! Whaaaaaaat?!?!

        And then of course, you not only get these amazing features, but you will also get a FREE SMARTPHONE with the myStarter Plans:

        The CloudFone GEO 500Q is free at myStarter Plan 300, and the Lenovo A2010 is free for the myStarter Plan 500.

        Here are the cool stuff included from the myStarter Plans. The main difference between the 300 and the 500 is that the 500 has unlimited text and call to your Globe / TM contacts. But basically, with both Globe’s myStarter Plans, users will never miss a moment! You can always be in touch through text and calls, through Facebook and Viber, enjoy music in Spotify, or surf the net.  

But here’s the kicker....

Image from Wikipedia

        When you subscribe to a myStarter plan before April 19, 2016, you get a raffle with the chance to WIN A 4-DAY STAY FOR 4 PEOPLE IN BEAUTIFUL PALAWAN! It’s such an exciting way to celebrate having your myStarter plan as you go on a jungle adventure to Palawan!

You can learn more about the raffle here

        After showing all these facts to my sister, she didn’t need any more convincing. Sure it can be scary at first to sign up for your first post-paid plan because it may sound intimidating and scary. Like in the movie Jungle Book, stepping into a city when you’ve lived in the jungle all your life. But it’s so not the case with the myStarter Plan. Because it’s technically a hybrid plan of a post paid and pre paid, it will make you feel very comfortable and less anxious because you won’t ever get a bill shock (which is what most people are afraid of). If you do go over your plan, you can just load whatever amount you need again like a pre-paid plan. Everything will still all feel familiar to you. But better!    

Globe myStarter Plan
My happy and worry-free sister! :-)
        Venturing into Globe Postpaid is your first step to a new adventure. It’s the thrill of having mobile power in a fun Post-Paid jungle, but feeling assured that you’re still living within your comfort zone. And that’s exciting!  I’m so excited for my sister! And in fact, we’re also thinking of getting a myStarter Plan for my dad! I’m so glad Globe created this amazing post-paid option!

For more details, follow Globe on their social media
Facebook: globeph
Twitter: enjoyGLOBE
Instagran: enjoyglobe

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